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caverna, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkævərn/ /ˈkav(ə)n/

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    caverna femenino
    • The cavern is a natural cave carved into the rock by the sea, and widened into an underground canal by human hands.
    • Our group spent a whirlwind two days diving the islands and experienced the full gamut of the caverns, caves and reefs that make up the Poor Knights experience.
    • Dominated by the spectacular natural arch called the Azure Window, its caves and caverns are among the most scenic dives I have encountered.
    • While caves and caverns are characteristic features of karst areas, not all karst areas have caves.
    • One or two small tunnels also exist within the walls, leading perhaps to other caverns or cave complexes, or to nowhere at all.
    • What drew these artists into sunless caverns and tunnels sometimes less than a metre high has been the subject of vigorous argument.
    • Further down the cavern is the St. Joseph's Cave, where Joseph had a dream in which an angel warned him to flee to Egypt.
    • Tunnels and caverns deep below the snowy-white building were the safest place for storing valuables.
    • We can't wait to go back and see one of the other four caverns, Blue John Cavern but we need to give the legs a rest first!
    • Today, it is a hollow cavern offering a grim sanctuary for families displaced by their country's unending war.
    • As you move further into the cave there's a smaller cavern off to the right where you can see graffiti that dates back to the 16th century.
    • It boasts a cavern and a shaft for certified cave divers, although anyone is permitted to snorkel and free dive the site.
    • Yesterday these tunnels and caverns had seemed wonderful, but now the walls felt stifling and oppressive.
    • We are guided on this dive by Morne, a veteran of the lake who seems to have an uncanny knowledge of where all the best caverns and hollows are located.
    • The far end of the cavern narrowed into another tunnel, and they ran for it.
    • The challenge was to abseil through a vertical fissure, with lights off, into a large underground cavern.
    • "Sounds like water, " Thaniel replied as they entered a large cavern.
    • Through the tunnels we went, until we entered a large cavern.
    • I feel like I am shouting into a huge empty cavern.
    • I found myself alone, standing at the entrance to a yawning limestone cavern, dazzled by dawning sunlight.