Translation of caving in Spanish:


espeleología, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪvɪŋ/


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    espeleología feminine
    to go caving hacer espeleología
    • They said they packed in abseiling, caving and night orienteering into their two-day stay and hoped to raise money to go back there.
    • It is the epitome of Dales Caving, and is sporting vertical caving at its very best.
    • There they got the chance to try out crafts and creative arts, skating, quad bike riding, climbing walls, mock caving and a giant inflatable obstacle course.
    • As it is a long way away, the trip would probably involve some other caving as well as other outdoor pursuits.
    • This area is quite naturally a magnet for rock-climbers and walkers, and other popular activities include mountain biking and caving.
    • By now caving was the main thing in my life and I was getting ambitious.
    • There was talk of caving but it soon gave way to a warm fire and pints and cold beans (for Tim).
    • Sam had told me that if I wasn't impressed by this then I should give up caving.
    • John is apprehensive because he has done little caving, and doesn't like tight crawls.
    • Thanks to Rich and Dave for a cracking re-introduction in to the world of caving.
    • After a desperate week at work I was desperate to get to the Dales for some desperate caving.
    • Detailed are the gritty nuances of caving that the average tourist never experiences: the tightness of squeezes, digging for air flow, and pushing for passages.
    • Hopefully, you have all had a summer full of adventure - in particular full of exciting caving.
    • Unlike mountaineering, which it is often compared to, caving is very much a team effort.
    • Over the past 40 years Bewerley Park instructors have given hundreds of young people their first experience of caving.
    • Chris and I knew we weren't up to more hard caving, and thought it would be fun to join an easier CRF trip the next day.
    • Some examples of the specialized equipment typically used in vertical caving are shown below.
    • That's not to say that caving isn't something for a beginner.
    • Bradford Council is looking at the possibility of reopening some enclosed tracks and allowing some limited caving.
    • Older people who are keen to stay active are being offered the challenge of caving, gorge walking and canoeing all in the same week.