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CD-ROM, n.

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    • These can then be published via standalone CD-ROMs, floppy disks, and screensavers or published in web format.
    • A ‘retro’ virus which spreads by floppy disks and CD-ROMs is spreading across Scandinavia.
    • The FBI tells us it saved the world by seizing ‘floppy disks, CD-ROMs and other related equipment’.
    • The client had trouble with her CD-ROM and had the computer apart in order to do more troubleshooting.
    • Both of these attacks can be easily subverted by booting the affected computer from a CD-ROM.
    • There may be CD-ROMs, videos, audio cassettes and computer games available.
    • To this end, QuadriSpace Presenter also has tools to create self-running CD-ROMs and interactive Internet movies.
    • What shall we do with all of those computer disks and CD-ROMs that inundate our mailboxes?
    • Put the drive you are installing from, either the floppy or the CD-ROM, ahead of your hard drive.
    • I need information on how to create a floppy that will allow me to load Linux from a CD-ROM.
    • It is understood the CD-ROM contained instructions and source code for writing viruses.
    • Modern motherboard chipsets will boot from a CD-ROM more easily than a floppy diskette.
    • When a book is no longer going to be published, it gets archived to a CD-ROM or a DVD.
    • The data come on a DVD or series of CD-ROMs and include GIS software.
    • Some 180 officers took part in the raids and seized 86 computer systems and more than 3,000 CD-ROMs and videos.
    • Mr Adams said the material seized by the police from the party's office included a floppy disk and a CD-ROM.
    • All you have to do is remove the CD-ROM or floppy drive and put a battery in its place.
    • Over 600,000 copies of pirated, silkscreened Norton Antivirus CD-ROMs were found, Symantec said then.
    • Many people are producing Shakespeare hypertext CD-ROMs and Shakespeare Web sites, as well as on-line sources for other Renaissance materials.
    • The difference between DVD-ROM and DVD-Video is comparable to the difference between CD-ROMs and audio CDs.