Translation of cease in Spanish:


Pronunciation /sis/ /siːs/

See Spanish definition of interrumpir

transitive verb

  • 1

    to cease to + inf/to cease -ing dejar de + inf
  • 2

    (production/publication) interrumpir
    (production/publication) suspender
    • This behaviour ceases when parents stop hostilities and become more relaxed about the situation.
    • Now and again we would have watched a funny TV programme together and hostilities would cease.
    • We could expect that such groups would break up and cease to exist after such a failure.
    • The doctor has a duty to inform the patient that driving should cease and the patient has a duty to act on that advice.
    • And, of course, the album as we know it is slowly ceasing to exist.
    • With local body reorganisation a number of these positions have ceased to exist.
    • Perhaps now that the service has ceased to exist people will begin to realise how valuable it was.
    • Over the next year, her body simply ceased to function.
    • The servants quickly disappeared from the room, their laughter immediately ceasing.
    • While production ceased at the end of World War I, enormous numbers of existing Lewis guns continued to serve.
    • Hostilities ceased on 27 July 1953, some three years after they began.
    • The conversation ceased for a moment when the waitress served their appetizers.
    • Her coughing ceased for a brief moment when she felt a sharp pain on her lower leg.
    • Afterwards it ceases to matter: handshakes all round and down to the pub.
    • All activity ceased as soon as Mr Peterson realised that he had been defrauded.
    • Production will cease at the end of January 2002 and the plant will close shortly afterward.
    • Fighting ceased on October 2 with the formal capitulation of the Home Army forces.
    • Although full-scale fighting has ceased, corruption and violence are still rampant.
    • You can only cease dealing with it if you have dealt with it.
    • He never ceased to amaze his staff and students with new and exciting ideas.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (noise) cesar
    (production) interrumpirse
    (work) detenerse
    we shall not cease from our fight / from fighting no cejaremos en la lucha literary


  • 1

    without cease sin cesar