Translation of ceasefire in Spanish:


alto el fuego, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsisˌfaɪ(ə)r/ /ˈsiːsfʌɪə/


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    alto el fuego masculine
    cese del fuego masculine Latin America
    • War with people who break their ceasefire agreements is the default position.
    • Amid great excitement, the government and rebels reached a ceasefire agreement at the beginning of last year.
    • The Good Friday 1998 power sharing agreement led to a ceasefire by most of the paramilitary organisations.
    • The fighting shows no signs of diminishing, despite partial and temporary ceasefires.
    • What is not needed is the short-term fix of a temporary ceasefire - something much more drastic and enduring is required.
    • They typically served to monitor ceasefires and supervise truces; occasionally, peacekeeping missions were deployed to keep belligerents apart as in Cyprus in 1964.
    • During that time, the government wants to examine the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.
    • A tentative ceasefire broke down last Tuesday leading to fresh fighting in the suburb.
    • If the ceasefire is broken then we will not be able to go there, look after our crops and harvest.
    • As the months go by, the international community continues to negotiate agreements and ceasefires, while aid workers on the ground struggle to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.
    • Well I think you have to look at the difference between this agreement and other ceasefires that have failed.
    • Second, start demanding a ceasefire so that the humanitarian crises can be attended to.
    • The logic of their demands to strengthen the military and renegotiate the ceasefire is to plunge the island back to war.
    • A death toll that tops nearly one dozen in the first day of a military ceasefire offers little grounds for hope.
    • New Delhi is in the midst of formulating a reply because the ceasefire ends on July 31.
    • One thing is certain however, the ceasefire and the peace process are gone for the moment.
    • On 5 October there was a ceasefire, confirmed by the Dayton Peace Agreement signed on 21 November.
    • Each day without violence raised the political cost of breaking the ceasefire.
    • Significantly, the ceasefire has met opposition from many nationalist politicians.