Translation of celeb in Spanish:


famoso, n.

Pronunciation /səˈlɛb/ /sɪˈlɛb/


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    famoso masculine
    famosa feminine
    • According to the Mirror, Britain's young people are fed up with brain-dead pop stars and shallow celebs.
    • The Libertines are more like reality TV celebs than old-school rock stars.
    • You know, the sort of offers that rock stars and sporting celebs would get.
    • I catch a glimpse of a celeb in heavy makeup and not enough clothes.
    • The celebs ' names may not be on the bottles, but their choice of scent gives us a sneak peek into who they are.
    • If you want to mingle with celebs and people who think they are all that, then I guess this is the place to be.
    • Spare used everything as fuel for his art, so it's obvious he'd draw contemporary stars and celebs.
    • Not only do these people help the celeb select the best looks and styles, they help them maintain them.
    • Last year 150,000 people - including a fair few celebs - left London for the shires.
    • We asked celebs about that charity, and about the inspiration for their costumes.
    • There are surprisingly few photos available of local celebs on the Net.
    • There are many Scots who prefer their celebs to stay at home.
    • She says I should stop wasting my time entertaining low-rent celebs and should stick to reading improving books.
    • I'd have a lot more respect for some of these celebs if they did run for office.
    • There are lots of celebs here tonight from all different parts of the television universe.
    • Ever wondered how celebs can look so fabulous one second and so foul the next?
    • His friends enjoyed themselves and you got the feeling the celebs were only nit-picking because they were expected to.
    • There's no doubting that where the celebs lead, the public follows.
    • Four groups of C-list celebs are taken off to different locations around the world to try different approaches to detox.
    • When celebs do such self-mocking things as this, you have to wonder if they get the joke.