Translation of celebration in Spanish:


fiesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛləˈbreɪʃ(ə)n/ /sɛlɪˈbreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    fiesta feminine
    he attended the celebrations asistió a los festejos / las festividades
    • we ought to have a little celebration deberíamos celebrarlo / festejarlo
    • There will be no birthday parties or celebrations, except perhaps with some close friends.
    • We know what 18th birthday celebrations are like, whether on the town or in houses.
    • We decided to visit York to join in the celebrations for the Guy Fawkes Festival and to do some shopping.
    • Blockley villagers will be holding their traditional May Day celebrations on Monday.
    • Her nephew Bill Redmond and family travelled from Milton Keynes for the celebrations.
    • Monica must have dreaded her son would be an absent guest at her 80th celebrations.
    • To celebrate the milestone a series of celebrations are being planned across the south west.
    • Her brother and other members of the family were flying in from America for the celebrations.
    • All of the main Jubilee celebrations in the city will centre on the Commonwealth Games.
    • About a month ago, my husband and I received an invitation to attend her big 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
    • A few blocks away, Arroyo led a festive Independence Day celebration attended by a few hundred people.
    • Then on Sunday a huge crowd attended his belated 25th birthday celebrations in The Saratoga.
    • So organizers planned a gala birthday celebration fitting for the occasion.
    • Ann Crowley is in charge of organising the centenary celebrations.
    • A number of wedding golden jubilee celebrations took place throughout the locality during the past week.
    • Art and a gala are among the celebrations planned to mark the closing of a Victorian hospital.
    • After eggs are dyed the first one is always kept until the next year's celebration.
    • After work we I had my birthday celebration in a Brick Lane curry house with my friends.
    • All are very welcome to this celebration which will be an historic day in the life of the parish.
    • The awards night was a bit of a blur so this was my proper celebration.
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    celebración feminine literary
    loa feminine literary
    the play is a celebration of life la obra es un canto a la vida
    • It seems the smaller the town the bigger the pride and the more the events of celebration.
    • It's the final morning and so in celebration we order the full Irish Breakfast from the comfort of our bed.
    • We were simply there to paint the town red by way of celebration for Stuart's birthday.
    • As the new Archbishop of York left the ceremony, the bells of the Minster rang out in celebration.
    • Sooner or later the rain looked like it was about to clear so we had to have another pint in celebration.
    • This promises to be a night of fun and celebration where an excellent year will be reviewed.
    • Last weekend was a weekend of celebration as a number of people made the headlines.
    • I know it is only my first session but the fact that I am doing it is a cause for celebration.
    • It is a complete canvas of what is happening in the community and a kind of celebration of it.
    • It has been suggested that on my birthday I take a slower, gentler approach to celebration.
    • At first sight, this month's trade data do not seem a cause for celebration.
    • Today is a proud day in our history, one which is cause for considerable celebration.
    • Bradford is gearing up to paint the town red in celebration of Comic Relief.
    • It was a time of great sadness for her family, but also one of celebration.
    • Max Hastings's gripping book ought to be a tale of triumph, liberation and celebration.
    • I take the mandolin from the wall and do a few strums in joyous celebration.
    • I have no idea what to do to celebrate, or even if celebration is appropriate.
    • It therefore has no need of state sanctioned blessing, or indeed of any public form of celebration.
    • For them celebration of her achievement is always mingled with recollections of their loss.
    • Last week there were no signs of celebration, with the families refusing to come out of their houses.
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    (of Mass, Communion)
    celebración feminine