Translation of celebrity in Spanish:


celebridad, n.

Pronunciation /səˈlɛbrədi/ /sɪˈlɛbrɪti/

nounplural celebrities

  • 1

    celebridad masculine, feminine
    famoso masculine
    famosa feminine
    he's something of a local celebrity es todo un personaje / toda una celebridad en el pueblo (or barrio etc.)
    • Over the past few days various local celebrities and sports stars have called in to offer their support.
    • Because underneath it all, these stars and celebrities are just normal people.
    • It is easy to see why some celebrities change their name when fame beckons.
    • Are these so-called models and celebrities really people we could look up to and learn from?
    • For years, young people have been inspired by celebrities like pop stars and footballers.
    • The Caribbean is packed with rock stars, models and other celebrities over Christmas.
    • The star is one of many celebrities set to appear on the Wyvern Theatre's stage this spring.
    • Those questioned were asked to pick their most inspiring celebrities from a list of names.
    • Unicef has a tradition of working with celebrities, who promote their message all over the world.
    • Their activities have involved local celebrities, the Mayor and even an author.
    • Other celebrities who turned out to show their support included actress June Whitfield.
    • The pictures were collected after the staff wrote to a number of celebrities asking for donations.
    • When he was three, he fell down a well, was rescued, and became a local media celebrity.
    • I got into the role and became a minor celebrity.
    • A huge party is being planned for the launch and a host of A-list celebrities are expected.
    • In each round, they were asked questions by a local television celebrity.
    • You'll spot some local celebrities here, since it's one of the places to be seen these days.
    • And when it comes to celebrity endorsements, Kerry seems to have the edge.
    • Special guest will be well-known celebrity Fifi the Clown.
    • Elvis Presley has now been a dead celebrity longer than he was a living one.
  • 2formal

    celebridad feminine
    • They have achieved celebrity, not true fame, as all people sound of mind will understand.
    • As long as they were near a main road, they could achieve national celebrity.
    • Such reticence, of course, is a cardinal sin in a media world that worships the gods of celebrity and fame.
    • That's often the price of fame and celebrity, and if you need proof, just ask Kieren Fallon.
    • During the course of the story Smith has a lot to say about the emptiness of celebrity and stardom and what it means.
    • The real nub of the show is Madonna and our obsession with fame and celebrity.
    • Yet for all his international celebrity, Paolozzi never lost touch with his roots.
    • However, the chief appeal of celebrity is neither money nor luxury but recognition.
    • In this modern age of cynicism and celebrity the road from pariah to popularity is a short one.
    • The whole cult of celebrity is so boring but the snobbery is just as bad.
    • He did, of course, come with a family history and a degree of celebrity that meant he was already a public face.
    • I learnt young that if you wanted someone to give you something, celebrity worked wonders.
    • Anna claims to have been largely unaware of her father's celebrity until she was 12.
    • There will be a feature film of Flanimals, but not yet: that would be trading on celebrity.
    • Along the way the film manages to say a lot about the nature of class, celebrity and capitalism in America.
    • A savvy lawyer knows how to use a client's brand of celebrity to his advantage.
    • Shrewd and fiercely honest, Fanny scorned the cheapness of her newfound celebrity.
    • I seem to recall a criticism from an earlier age about the cult of celebrity.
    • His second career was in journalism, a field in which he achieved overnight celebrity as a war correspondent.
    • Despite origins far more humble than his relatives, Sir Alec achieved international celebrity and staggering wealth.