Translation of cell in Spanish:


celda, n.

Pronunciation /sɛl/


  • 1

    (in prison, monastery, honeycomb)
    celda feminine
    • So what that means is that he's locked up at night in a prison cell on his own, so that's solitary confinement.
    • The change of status would also mean that Tommy has to be transferred from a detention cell to a prison room, which he has to share with other convicts.
    • At 2pm on Tuesday last all 190 prisoners were locked in their cells as prison officers staged a one-hour walk-out.
    • Wilders has six body guards and has slept in a prison cell to protect himself against possible attacks.
    • He was said to have been playing cards with a prison officer outside his cell when the prisoner came up and punched him.
    • Prison cells, hotel rooms, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and hospices are exempt from the ban.
    • There were four regular prison cells, one padded cell and two used for solitary confinement.
    • Most prisoners share their cells with one other inmate.
    • The security and observation regime is quite different, prisoners often sharing cells in conditions of close confinement.
    • As a result the Governor ordered a search of the prisoners and their cells to be carried out on Monday.
    • Since 1980, nearly 300 indigenous people have died in custody in prison cells or police lockups.
    • Where will the Government put the inmates when all the police cells, court cells, and prisons are full?
    • The offenders have designed and painted artworks throughout the burgled room and in the prison cell.
    • Rehabilitation had been neglected, Owers reported, with inmates locked in cells for 23 hours a day.
    • The monks' cells and rooms were carved inside the soft white limestone cliff.
    • Former inmates lead you through prison cells and tell you powerful stories about the routines and punishments they endured during their captivity.
    • He was one of 10 convicted prisoners who escaped from the prison on June 8 after holding up prison warders at gunpoint and locking them in a cell.
    • Copying the works of others protects the solitude of the monastic cell from more intrusive forms of ministry.
    • He was a man who delighted in escaping from the business of life into his scriptoriolum - a small library attached to his monastic cell.
    • Since the accommodation for visitors on Mount Athos is more than basic, we had to share one and the same cell in the monastery of Philotheu.
    • Then there's the honeycomb shades, so called because in profile they look like cells of a honeycomb strung together.
    • Once the honey is gooey enough, the bees seal off the cell of the honeycomb with a plug of wax.
    • The interior of a cell contains structures called organelles that can be compared to the organs in a body.
    • She then deposits a little into a honeycomb cell, built and tilted upright, so that it won't spill.
  • 2

    célula feminine
    (division/wall) (before noun) celular
    a single cell animal un animal unicelular
    • The plaque deposits did not form cell casts or polyhedra and did not penetrate into the cell cavities, but were an external deposit only.
    • When this occurs, the cytoplasm from the two cells fuses, but the nuclei remain separate and distinct.
    • The scientists also produced a continuously growing line of cultured embryonic germ cells.
    • Even mammals have nucleated red blood cells in their bone marrow.
    • The neoplastic epithelial cells were cuboidal and had round or oval nuclei and inconspicuous nucleoli.
    • The scientists then used test-tube experiments to show the virus could infect T cells under laboratory conditions.
  • 3

    célula feminine
    (in battery) elemento masculine
    (in battery) pila feminine
    • This is said to be important when welding heat-sensitive parts such as miniature battery cells or sensitive electronic devices.
    • In addition to electrical conduction, the cells are polarized by the force of applied voltage.
    • A few years ago, the companies involved in the voltage race tried to get more cells in NiCad battery packs to power bigger tools.
    • Previous approaches to study the seal resistance of cells and electrodes lacked high spatial resolution.
    • The 8.5g cell generates 100mW of power - enough, Toshiba said, to run am MP3 player for 20 hours.
    • In our study, we focus on oscillations generated in a single cell.
    • An internal short can cause the battery cells to overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.
    • Now there is a potential difference between the two cells allowing current to flow.
    • This seven-ounce magnet was able to support four kilograms of iron using the current from a single cell.
    • For the experiments presented the capacity compensation was set with the electrode close to the cell.
    • The copper tube is arranged to form a series of cells called cavities.
    • These charged particles continue through the cell to the collecting area where they are attracted to a series of grounded plates.
    • The camera has a tiny light source, miniaturized transmitters, and power cells.
  • 4

    célula feminine
    • Finally, there is a claim it was less a social club than a political cell.
    • It is an open secret now that the ISI has a political cell.
    • The extortion then funds the further activities of the terror cell.
    • Tentatively we can say no to the activity of single cells and yes to that of assemblies.
    • With a computer and a connection to the Internet, an individual can do more damage than armed terrorist cells or small insurgent movements.
    • We should do everything we can to disrupt and destroy any cells, any activity that would do us harm in this country.
    • Much of the military training consisted of small groups gathering together in secret cells.
    • That makes it easy for a small and secretive terrorist cell to go undetected.
    • Disrupting terrorist cells is an important component of the government's overall counterterrorism efforts.
    • Those tracking terrorist cells say the trend toward soft targets, like schools, is undeniable and probably unstoppable.
    • The police claim the weapons belonged to terrorist cells and were seized in several raids across the Kingdom.
    • Four bombers blew themselves up but police are investigating whether another member of the terrorist cell is alive and on the run.
    • Every agent infiltrating a drug cartel is an agent who could be infiltrating a terrorist cell.
    • In Dewsbury, he gradually emerged as the probable ringleader of the terrorist cell.
    • He has been linked to a terrorist cell in Hamburg and a flight training school in Florida.
    • They concluded that terrorist cells could send members on flights without any intention of hijacking the plane just to see whether or not members would be flagged.
    • They operate through autonomous cells, strict secrecy, and a refusal to engage the enemy's strength.