Translation of cell block in Spanish:

cell block

bloque de celdas, n.


  • 1

    bloque de celdas masculine
    • A hundred prisoners turned at once to the cell block's single barred window, where a blur of color floated through the front gate, heading for the compound.
    • The main cell block is a cavernous building with a central four-story island of stacked cells.
    • He told the newspaper that he attempted to hang himself after he was placed in a cell block with mentally ill prisoners.
    • This could arise, for example, where an inmate has been stabbed in a cell block and it is thought necessary to skin search all inmates there for the weapon.
    • If a prisoner in the cell block rebelled, he was not allowed to shower, sometimes for days.
    • In midafternoon, we saw a human rights observer speaking with the prisoners in the cell block beside ours.
    • The appellant became very upset and was screaming and yelling in the cell block.
    • The audio tour was well done, and as we walked from cell block to cell block I couldn't forget the prison's history of misery.
    • The detainees in the photographs were suspected of starting a riot in another area of the prison and had been brought to the cell block for further questioning.
    • On May 18, a detainee staged a suicide attempt to lure guards into a cell block, where they were attacked by prisoners armed with makeshift weapons, the military said.
    • The officers stand around the cell block, scratching their heads.
    • Scotland on Sunday is the first newspaper to gain access to a three-storey cell block called the Titanic, where prisoners rioted, breaking free from their cells, setting fire to mattresses and brandishing water pipes as weapons.
    • The video was shot with the band performing at various locations throughout the compound - outside, during the prisoners' lunchbreak, and inside the cell block.
    • The Daily Dispatch report told how three prisoners made their break through a fence surrounding their cell block last August.
    • He was placed in Camp Echo and later told the British prisoners there was no natural light in the cell block and it was impossible to tell the time of day.
    • Soon the criminals find themselves shut in their cell block, with the warden and a dozen soldiers on the outside, ready to bust in by any means possible - no matter the damage.
    • Three women, three lives, three imprisoned, solitary souls in the same cell block.
    • As a result the prisoners who were locked in tried to break down the bars to escape the burning cell block.
    • Each cell block has only six showers for 60 inmates, James Griffin says.
    • It was interesting showing the magistrates the cell block.