Translation of cellar in Spanish:


sótano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛlər/ /ˈsɛlə/

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    sótano masculine
    (for coal) carbonera feminine
    (for wine) bodega feminine
    to keep a good cellar tener una buena bodega
    • to be/finish in the cellar estar/llegar en el último lugar
    • Why do new Irish houses have no cellars or utility rooms?
    • Modernism got rid of attics, sheds, cellars and peripheral rooms.
    • The basement comprises the usual kitchen, maids' rooms and cellars associated with a grand country house of the period, more normally located in a separate wing.
    • In March 1605 the group took out a lease on a ground-floor cellar close by the house they had rented from John Whynniard.
    • There are over 300 cafes and bars in the centre of old Krakow, most of them tucked away in the vaulted, dimly-lit cellars of the grand houses and palaces around the main square.
    • The cellars of 20 houses, the village hall and the communal cultural centre were inundated.
    • And firefighters spent more than 12 hours pumping water from the cellars of four houses in Morley.
    • Their company has been valued at £20 million and employs 30 people, just two years after they set it up in the cellar of their student house.
    • There is one story in the book from a man who remembers as a child being in the cellar of their house during a bombing raid.
    • I personally will make sure the wine cellar is fully stocked when we next meet.
    • Will the wine cellar be stocked from the regular supplier in Ranelagh?
    • I know another guy whose abandoned mother routinely locked him in a dark root cellar at nights.
    • Anyway, what with all these musty old cellars there was a bit of a rat problem.
    • He hid in a corner of a dark, dank little cellar.
    • During this time the cheese is kept in a fairly damp, cool cellar.
    • Place them in a dark, cool cellar where they will dry out and become dormant.
    • Last year, though, they were held in a dank cellar underneath London Bridge station's arches.
    • He had been hiding in the cellar of his house, playing chess with a Jewish friend.
    • She was in a room that probably originally was a coal cellar.
    • During heavy rainfall last November, the Bakers' cellar filled with four inches of water.