Translation of cellular in Spanish:


celular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛljələr/ /ˈsɛljʊlə/

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    • Cells include histologically viable and necrotic eosinophils and other inflammatory cells, and cellular debris is often abundant.
    • In animal cells, Prx are implicated in complex cellular processes including cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis.
    • These cells form distinctive cellular masses, which are termed endocrine glands.
    • Infection with T gondii induces both cellular and humoral immune responses.
    • The body uses humoral and cellular immune responses to reject a transplanted graft.
    • Depletion of cellular glutathione levels sensitizes cells to the toxic effects of these carcinogens.
    • These activated cells release chemoattractants and growth factors that result in cellular proliferation and granuloma formation.
    • At the cellular level, necrotic hepatocytes infiltrate portal tracts, leading to inflammatory changes in the liver bed.
    • Histologic sections showed a cellular proliferation of spindle neoplastic cells that were arranged in short fascicles.
    • Wound healing is an essential and complicated process in which several types of cells and cellular messengers interact.
    • When the cells are fused they become one hybrid cell with shared cellular contents, including two sets of genes.
    • In the absence of a normal cellular immune response, bacterial proliferation may lead to infection.
    • These cells create a cellular and molecular barrier at the site of injury, called the glial scar.
    • There were 2 growth patterns, namely, a cellular spindle cell pattern and a hypocellular fibrous pattern.
    • The frozen section showed a cellular spindle cell lesion without a prominent granulomatous pattern.
    • This size was compared with the myoma cell size in the cellular outer zone.
    • The histology is similar and consists of a cellular spindle cell lesion with whorls.
    • As people age, their cellular and humoral immunity generally diminish and T cell activity and immunoglobulins decrease.
    • Thus, defects in either cell type have the potential to affect both cellular and humoral immunity to varying degrees.
    • Endothelial cells and mononuclear phagocytes are likely cellular mediators of lung IRI.
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    (system/telephone) celular
    • A user of the cellular telephone generates a preliminary message including an Internet e-mail address for the Internet station.
    • Systems and methods which enable fast and simple identification of unauthorized users of cellular telephones are described.
    • They reckon that the ruling on in-flight phone calls is just a way for airlines to make you use their own pricey cellular telephone systems.
    • ExpressNet combines digital two-way radio with cellular telephony and advanced instant messaging.
    • More recently, largely due to the sharp rise in cellular mobile telephone subscribers and paging users, a number of new telecommunication retailer branches have opened.
    • Subscriber lists from the two Danish operating companies identified 420,095 cellular telephone users.
    • AT & T Bell Labs proposed the cellular telephone system we know today.
    • The phone, unlike those from its competitors, switches automatically between cellular and wireless internet networks.
    • Wireless local calling became common near the end of the twentieth century with cellular telephone systems.
    • His firm engineers telephone system infrastructure, specializing in the cellular telephone industry.
    • Each cylinder can generate radio signal to disrupt cellular traffic, said Marshall.
    • Mobile phones use radio waves, operating on a cellular system.
    • The user equipment may be based on a set-top box and television, a personal computer, a cellular telephone with a display, or other such devices.
    • In summary, our present study showed an increased risk for brain tumors among users of analog cellular telephones.
    • The unit connector port is also adapted to receive power from a connected cellular telephone.
    • There was no evidence adduced about finding any other drug paraphernalia, weapons, cellular telephones, or pagers.
    • Nokia is investing US $12 billion building an industrial park outside Beijing to make handsets and cellular base stations.
    • Cutting-edge firms have developed wireless and cellular telephone technology, as well as new applications for the Internet.
    • Until everyone has joined the mobile phone revolution and cellular technology becomes fully reliable, most pay phones should remain.
    • Utilising the cellular telephone network and localised transmitters, vehicle location systems like Tracker lead police to the stolen vehicle.