Translation of cellulose nitrate in Spanish:

cellulose nitrate

nitrocelulosa, n.


  • 1

    nitrocelulosa feminine
    • Cellulose reacts with nitric and sulfuric acids to produce cellulose nitrate.
    • The first cellulose resin, cellulose nitrate or celluloid, was invented by John Wesley Hyatt, who was trying to find a substitute for ivory in billiard balls in order to win a contest.
    • As cellulose nitrate rots, it shrinks and becomes brittle, leaking toxic fumes corrosive enough to turn a reel of film into smelly gelatin ooze.
    • A ‘cel’ is a sheet of cellulose nitrate or acetate on which an animator paints a cartoon figure or scene.
    • Lacquering plants, processors of cellulose nitrate, oil companies, and public utilities are examples of companies where these tools were used.