Translation of Celtic in Spanish:


celta, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛltɪk/ /ˈsɛltɪk/


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    • Maude Gonne and Yeats worked together to promote the Celtic mysteries within the order.
    • Ancient Celtic legends win out over oral traditions like these for two reasons.
    • Rather, it is inspired by Celtic belief in the importance of lakes and rivers as sources of power.
    • As for England, they are plainly a league apart, from the Celtic nations at least.
    • Ireland is the only independent Celtic country and it was very important to me when I came here.
    • We also meet Helen, a mother who lives in the shadow of the Celtic ground, and whose husband is in jail.
    • Provincial Roman and the subsequent Celtic enamels were produced on a bronze base.
    • Surely you must have observed the recent growth in Celtic names in recent years.
    • Halloween is known as Samhain to pagans and was the Celtic festival of the dead.
    • The Eisteddfod is an annual event in Wales which has descended from a Celtic tradition.
    • As long as ideas of a pure Britishness persist, Celtic identity will be a response to them.
    • Some of these books and texts are translations of Celtic legends and sagas; others are retellings of the material, folklore, or literary works based on Celtic themes.