Translation of cement mixer in Spanish:

cement mixer

hormigonera, n.


  • 1

    hormigonera feminine
    • A character walking on concrete makes the sound of a pencil tapping a tabletop, and footsteps on a lawn sound like gravel in a cement mixer.
    • The cement mixer remains, but the Dillon tools were gone, replaced by commercial loading equipment as well as machines designed and built for Black Hills.
    • A 52-year-old shopkeeper who claimed a back injury hindered him in lifting heavy objects was photographed carrying a cement mixer.
    • An Indian supplier of construction equipment ruefully complained that he was already being undercut by a half-dozen Afghan merchants who hadn't had a cement mixer to their names two years ago.
    • But sometimes I am far too lazy to reach for the remote or start the cement mixer, so I must sit and endure a bombardment of loud shouting, bright colors, and invasive jingles.
    • A quick check after two stages on Sunday morning left them concerned about getting to service, but they found a local resident building a wall and were able to drain four litres of fuel from his cement mixer.
    • Once the concrete creations had been rustled up with the help of a cement mixer at the back of the art department they were decorated, painted and varnished before being placed outside the school.
    • Big natural products syntheses never finish with more than that, because the earlier stages would have to be performed in a cement mixer.
    • The RAMAC drive was housed in a cabinet the size of a refrigerator and powered by a motor that could have run a small cement mixer.
    • Buy a cement mixer, because you never know when you might need one.
    • The plaintiff also supplied some equipment, such as a forklift and a cement mixer, and consumables, such as fuel.
    • A cement mixer grinds nearby and men are busy paving the ash - covered road.
    • They broke the lock on the well guarded old mill and took all the tools, cement mixer, levels and other equipment.
    • The specially constructed site contained scaffolding towers, cement mixers, cherry pickers and bottles of unidentified dangerous liquids.
    • However, it takes time for such an organisation to deliver and make its voice heard above the din of drills, diggers and cement mixers and as time is not on our side, it may be necessary to call in the services of a firing squad.
    • According to Mr. Naik, hearing damage begins when a person is exposed to a sound level of 80 db produced by cement mixers or an alarm clock.
    • The small hire shop loans items such as cement mixers and paint strippers.
    • The military, armed with cement mixers and bricks, invades shanty towns to build houses, not to destroy them.
    • Perhaps when all this is finished, she says, gesturing at the clamorous cement mixers and the spider's web of scaffolding, she will go away and give herself time to salve her sorrow, time to look back on precious memories, time to reflect.