Translation of central in Spanish:


central, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛntrəl/ /ˈsɛntr(ə)l/


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      (office/library) central
      central station estación central
      • the central government/bank el gobierno/banco central
      • the car has central locking el coche tiene cierre centralizado (de puertas)
      • But the principle is central to Brown's personal election campaign.
      • He used this genuine mandate to end American's war in Korea; the issue had been central to his campaign.
      • This arrangement is based on Steiner's Fundamental Social Principle and has been central to the Camphill ethos.
      • On both counts, principles which should be central to any liberal democracy have become dangerously eroded.
      • She said tidy town committees played a vital role which was central to community life.
      • The tidy towns committees play a vital role that is central to community life and your continued efforts develop and improve our localities.
      • Three overlying principles are central to the commission's findings.
      • Those principles are now central to determining what is due process.
      • The mobility of these groups was an essential economic strategy, central to the very nature of their profession.
      • A coordinated and targeted media campaign was central to this effort.
      • Endorsement should also be central to the campaign.
      • These promises were central to a campaign to win a UN Security Council seat.
      • It is important that evidence is heard when it is central to determining the issues in the case.
      • Working with people you know, engage and connect with, have a relationship with is very important, are really central to the whole idea.
      • The concept of independence is central to the role of an attorney.
      • This parochial approach is not assisted by an academia that finds these issues, no matter how central to the issue of strategy, a bit of a yawn.
      • The leadership issues have been central to the company's shortcomings.
      • How can the presidential candidates not address this issue so central to our future?
      • All the issues likely to be central to the presidential race were discussed at length.
      • David had a wide knowledge of the town and surrounding area and was a central player in the commercial and community life of Headford.
      • In the middle of its central courtyard rises a large stupa, which once contained large Buddhist images.
      • The whole lake area is divided into five parts, the northeast, the southeast, the northwest, the southwest and the central area.
      • Council cabinet members next week are expected to approve a proposal that would see the pilot project extended to cover the Maltby and central Rotherham area.
      • That whole southeastern area of central Sofia has a load of cool bars and lounges, most concentrated around Rakovski and Levski.
      • The council's cabinet this week also gave the go-ahead to extensions to existing conservation areas in central Richmond and Kew Road.
      • The central console and dash area was nice and cheerful looking, mainly down to a good, simple design encased in shiny metal effect.
      • It said there was also ‘an attractive shopping area around a central court.’
      • It has changed a little bit since I lived there; there is a lot of stuff going on around the central dock area where I used to work during my placement year.
      • Two long, shallow water tanks flank the central display booth area.
      • The central area was surprisingly quiet compared, say, to York's Stonegate, but it soon became clear why.
      • We have already installed many - more than 1,000 spaces in the central area as well as many more in the suburbs.
      • As they approached the central area of the building, Mike heard loud squeaking followed by a loud crash.
      • A firestorm would result: the heat in the central area rises so high that the fire consumes all available oxygen.
      • Some of them were worried about what was being done to ease the situation in crowded central areas like Chikpet.
      • Only those willing to have the priest smash a coconut on their heads were allowed into the central area of the temple.
      • It includes the 1, 200m wall which runs around the whole central area of the estate.
      • The Church serves members in Livingstone and as far south as Kabwe, in the central area of the country.
      • Lower Broughton is one of several areas in central Salford which are to be targeted for regeneration in the coming years.
      • They live mainly in central areas without oil reserves and fear they will end up short changed.
      • In addition, we need to face up to the fact that just about the only good public transport links in this area are into central London.

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      (problem) fundamental
      (problem) principal
      (theme/character) central
      (theme/character) principal
      to be central to sth
      • this is central to the success of the project
      • his reinstatement is central to our demands
      to play a central role/part in sth jugar un papel primordial / fundamental en algo

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    (in the center)
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      (area/street/location) céntrico
      our office is very central nuestra oficina está en una zona céntrica / en un lugar muy céntrico
      • in central Chicago en el centro de Chicago
      • The new capital required a secure and central location, easily accessible from all parts of the state.
      • Other advantages of our facility here are the central and easily accessible location, plus plenty of free parking.
      • Changes in user access requirements can be entered from the central location for all building occupants.
      • But PCT chief executive Lynnette Throp said the services were needed and had to be central and accessible.
      • It would provide a more central, more accessible visitors' centre than the one in the De Grey Rooms it would replace.
      • One area that is often overlooked in the health center is a central storage location for archival of health charts.
      • Votes are counted incrementally on the spot and reported to a central location.
      • The British chose the King David for its central location and because it was easy to guard.
      • Then they would all assemble at a central location in London to receive their payments.
      • I don't know why they didn't have it on a weekend, or at least in a more central location.
      • Residents can access government documents in one central location by simply using the Document Management Tool.
      • Because of its central location Portlaoise will provide ease of access for bands throughout the country.
      • It is in a central location with proper not makeshift access for disabled patients.
      • Now the keys to the gates and other access points are kept at a central location at Drumanakelly and can only be accessed from authorised personnel on site.
      • This ensures attendance information gathered will be recorded in, and accessible from, a central application.
      • A central location could be established for posting a daily schedule.
      • All documents are available to all members from the central location.
      • With a central service area in the middle of the forest complex of stages, the road miles are being kept to the absolute minimum.

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      (vowel/articulation) medio
      (vowel/articulation) central
      • In view of the time required to move to more peripheral vowel positions, tense vowels tend to be peripheral and lax vowels closer to schwa, the neutral or central vowel.
      • The near-open central vowel is a type of vowel sound, used in some spoken languages.
      • Some linguists claim that it is a back vowel, others argue that it is a central vowel.


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    central telefónica feminine