Translation of central bank in Spanish:

central bank

banco central, n.


  • 1

    banco central masculine
    • First, a conflict with the internal monetary policies of central banks may arise.
    • The central bank's tight monetary policy has presented severe problems for the business community.
    • We can define a bubble as activities that spring up on the back of loose monetary policy of the central bank.
    • That was followed by serious mistakes by the Federal Reserve and other central banks.
    • There is no doubt that in making monetary policy, central banks need an extensive network of information gathering.
    • There are several examples of when central banks like the Federal Reserve have done this.
    • For example, there is a particularly heavy emphasis on the role of central banks and monetary policy.
    • Seldom before has a move by a central bank to tighten monetary policy been greeted with such a surge of enthusiasm.
    • Modern central banks pronounce economic and monetary stability as their target.
    • What they mean by that is that the central bank must avoid policies that aim at zero inflation.
    • On Monday the Japanese central bank adopted a policy of zero interest rates to help revive the economy.
    • Foreign central banks knew full well that their currencies are in the same boat as the dollar.
    • How does the Federal Reserve System stack up in comparison with other central banks?
    • The central bank has recently invited more commercial banks into the Namibian market.
    • However, eurozone central banks will continue to exchange notes of the old national currencies indefinitely.
    • As long as this pool is growing the central bank can get away with loose monetary policies for a long period of time.
    • Understood, there has been a run on the banking system, and the central bank has lost a lot of reserves.
    • These are the doubts preoccupying central banks and finance ministries round the world.
    • It is also a widespread myth that central banks are inaugurated in order to check inflation by commercial banks.
    • That hunger for U.S. debt by foreign central banks has certainly been tempered.