Translation of centralism in Spanish:


centralismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛntrəˌlɪzəm/ /ˈsɛntr(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


  • 1

    centralismo masculine
    • They were opposed by a Conservative party, which supported royal absolutism and bureaucratic centralism.
    • Ultimately, this new centralism strengthened the authority of the Church, while the revival of popular forms of religious practice (such as the veneration of saints) further increased its appeal.
    • At this stage, the emphasis in any national or international organisation has to be on democracy and openness rather than on top-down centralism.
    • This, evidently, was a variation on the theme of democratic centralism, but seemed to acknowledge that more democracy and less centralism might be an improvement.
    • But unity is different from uniformity and to have a central voice and central authority is different from centralism.
    • In France, faced with the tradition of (so-called) Jacobin centralism and with strong assimilationist tendencies, there is a long way to go.
    • The challenge is to sustain democracy against centralism and all kinds of greed.
    • Welsh Labour's unrepentant style of authoritarian centralism is less a question of economic policy than of political process.
    • Instead, the ideologues of centralism are always trying to make local government independent of the state governments, the better to trample on regional differences.
    • The conservatives staunchly supported it and espoused centralism versus federalism.
    • Consider that seminal and catastrophic event that inaugurated the era of mass politics, bureaucratic centralism, and the ideological state - the French Revolution.
    • That means healthy scepticism about undemocratic centralism in Europe but, just as importantly, equal scepticism about American actions, interests and motives.
    • Not all departures from the expectations of the founders of our Federation have been in the direction of centralism.
    • Aggrieved at this, and at the threat of army centralism, the Scots reversed into a clumsy alliance with the king in December 1647.
    • Despite all this it has long been the belief of EU apologists in Britain that if only we engaged ‘at the centre of Europe’ we would ‘win the argument’ and slow the drive to ever closer union and ever greater centralism.
    • ‘Real evidence is growing that some of New Labour's trademark centralism is being replaced by a more open, more honest and more grown-up approach to politics’.
    • It was this utter commitment to the film school and the film industry that cemented my loyalty to him even when, like so many of his supporters, I was shaken by his other policies, especially his centralism.
    • There is still too much centralism - all roads do indeed lead to Brussels - and wastage and inefficiency have not been removed from the administrative systems.
    • It would be very foolish of those who control the painting, no matter how fragile its state, to allow it to become a symbol of Spanish centralism.