Translation of centrally in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛntrəli/


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    it's centrally located está en una zona céntrica / en un lugar céntrico
    • these matters are centrally controlled estos asuntos se controlan desde la oficina (or sede etc.) central
    • Users can store passwords for other applications centrally and securely, thus removing the need to remember countless passwords.
    • The equipment would allow for clients to make phone calls from their rooms but be billed centrally at the front office desk.
    • Only an IPS device can provide the any-to-any connectivity required to bring these diverse storage topologies together, so they can be managed centrally.
    • These networks are catapulting to popularity as the architecture of choice for centrally managed network storage tasks.
    • The technologies behind global storage networks will help equip storage service providers to offer these services from centrally hosted sites.
    • Backup tapes become the only centrally controlled and available archive of message stores.
    • The ability to centrally administer a broad expanse of storage with the same tools and procedures can reduce administrative costs.
    • Wherever they're delivering the care, they want to record the information and have it stored centrally.
    • Authorization processes and profiles can be managed and audited centrally, meaning that anomalies and abuses are identified more easily.
    • By centrally monitoring what these devices can access, store, and process, an organization can safely and effectively manage its mobile workforce.