Translation of centurion in Spanish:


centurión, n.

Pronunciation /sɛnˈt(j)ʊriən/ /sɛnˈtjʊərɪən/


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    centurión masculine
    • The cohorts, divided into six centuries (100 men in each century) commanded by a centurion, became the main tactical unit of the army.
    • In Colchester museum, the tombstone of a Roman centurion stands a few feet above the spot where he had lain for centuries, a poignant bridging of time and space.
    • Senior non-commissioned officers were called centurions, who varied greatly in rank.
    • Each centurion was required to ensure that his century was a capable and effective fighting force.
    • These passwords had to be repeated by the palace guards, who were grizzled old centurions given guard duty as a kind of honorable semi-retirement.
    • In most cases, a censor and a chiliarch or centurion from the Imperial Guard were ordered to jointly oversee campaigns to apprehend brigands.
    • Jesus welcomed outsiders: a Samaritan leper, a Syro-Phoenician woman, a Roman centurion, the good Samaritan and others.
    • This text from Acts is probably a synopsis of a sermon given by Peter for the benefit of the Roman centurion, Cornelius, who was a person of faith.
    • Mr Edwards said the original stone was an altar erected by a Roman centurion as a dedication to the gods for saving his life.
    • Both centurions and their centuries rushed to the scene, but it was not what was expected.
    • It indicates that there were two centurions that Caesar described with the names of T. Pulfio, and L. Varenus and that the show's creators must have borrowed those names to depict the characters on the show.
    • Like Nero, his family had ties to the Legion, but he was not of noble blood, unlike Nero, and could not become a centurion.
    • Both the blacksmith, my grandfather on my mother's side, and my father had been centurions and both were retired, but the Legion is something that never leaves you and Remus stood a fair chance.