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    • On Friday, the 48-year-old father of two will become the CEO of Warner Bros.
    • The CEO of a local hospital told CNN they were expecting at least 100 people with injuries.
    • She has dreams of becoming a CEO of a major corporation one day.
    • Being a CEO of a company at such a young age is no easy task.
    • He assumed the position of CEO in August.
    • Half of the more than 2,200 CEOs surveyed got even bigger raises.
    • The best artists, musicians, athletes, CEOs and entrepreneurs don't merely work a lot, they work a lot on developing specific skills.
    • My successful investments all involved situations where I made sure the CEOs and other investors were smarter than me.
    • In June 2001, he became CEO, leading the company through its initial public offering.
    • The foundation takes in $26 million per year and its CEO makes over $300,000 per year.