Translation of ceremonial in Spanish:


ceremonial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛrəˈmoʊniəl/ /sɛrɪˈməʊnɪəl/

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    (robes/formula) ceremonial
    (occasion/opening) solemne
    • By the seventeenth century, this indigenous elite did not always dress like Spaniards, certainly not on public ceremonial occasions.
    • These are ceremonial occasions, and each person who helps the family is given a portion of the pig.
    • Why do modern armies and soldiers carry swords on ceremonial occasions?
    • Some holidays and ceremonial occasions are associated with certain kinds of food.
    • The grand entrance is still used by councillors on ceremonial occasions.
    • Therefore, a distinction between formal palace-centered ceremonial processions and feasting must be preserved.
    • When we worship in the spirit, we are opposed to religious rituals and ceremonial posturing, and to the showiness of the symbols of office, and external worship.
    • Another traditional instrument still used in ritual and ceremonial events is the bullroarer, a thin piece of wood suspended from a string and swung in a circle.
    • In the section devoted to each stage, one can view videotapes of relevant religious rituals and ceremonial objects from diverse traditions.
    • An elaborate calendrical system was evolved, not least to identify appropriate days for holding ritual and ceremonial events.
    • Animal sacrifice accompanies almost every ritual and ceremonial event in Nepali life.
    • He is the connective tissue between government and tribal authority, and the government has given him a ceremonial uniform appropriate to his status.
    • The announcement came during a day of ceremonial tribute to Mr Giuliani for his role in coordinating the immediate response and rallying New York's morale in the aftermath of the disaster.
    • A team of archaeologists from Sheffield University have revealed significant new insights into the role of Stonehenge after discovering a prehistoric ceremonial road.
    • The most visible signs are not houses or fields, but ceremonial monuments: a double row of timber posts, a ditched and banked enclosure in horseshoe plan and a ring ditch.
    • The Washinton Post reports that with a letter from Bush and a ceremonial opening of the US Liaison Office in Tripoli, the US has opened its arms to the former pariah.
    • Women play important roles in ceremonial and political life in many Melanesian societies.
    • Uncomfortable (another unusual sensation), I adjust my position on the ceremonial throne.
    • Women exerted political influence by participating in community council meetings, and they had significant roles in Cherokee ceremonial life.
    • Yet there is a great difference both in method and in results between the traditional approaches to ceremonial represented in the study of ancient Greece and those being developed in more recent fields.


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    ceremonial masculine