Translation of certain in Spanish:


seguro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsərtn/ /ˈsəːt(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(definite)

      to be certain to + inf
      • it's certain to rain
      • she is certain to want to know why
      they were heading for certain death iban a una muerte segura
      • a strike seemed certain una huelga parecía inevitable
      • only death is certain lo único seguro es la muerte
      • she made certain of a good seat by arriving early llegó temprano para asegurarse una buena localidad
      • I'll make certain that he understands me aseguraré de que entienda
      • it's not certain (that) they'll approve of the idea no es seguro que aprueben la idea
      • one thing / this much is certain … de lo que no cabe la menor duda es de que …
      • it is certain that the President knew se tiene la certeza de que el presidente lo sabía
      • A vote on this issue was withdrawn last week, as it was certain to be defeated.
      • It was wryly noted that the heavens had delivered the Scots from certain defeat.
      • It will be hard, and it may not ensure victory, but any other way is certain defeat.
      • Kent were all out for 339 and Somerset had rescued a victory from almost certain defeat.
      • No credible alternative will brave the embarrassment of certain heavy defeat.
      • His job is not to convince them to vote for him on Tuesday in the first ballot - he is almost certain to win that vote.
      • Mr Brown was certain to win the seat, the only question was the size of the majority.
      • It acts as a certain guarantee for the freedoms a writer needs, such as the air to breathe.
      • There's no more sure and certain indication that you're not in control than this.
      • The chase is over almost before it has begun and Freya's grip is sure and certain.
      • One thing is certain though, the trust will no longer have my support in any form.
      • If Asda does push ahead with the new format, it is certain to test the concept first.
      • First, we must recognise that faith to appropriate God's abundance is certain to be tested.
      • Hope is that certain and unfailing goal that God has set before His children.
      • On the contrary, its effect was certain to be that more people were injured and killed in accidents.
      • The effort was no more than the home side deserved at that stage and it seemed certain that they would go on to win.
      • The only certain thing is that the next record will sound nothing like it.

    • 1.2(convinced)

      to be certain of sth estar seguro de algo

      • are you quite certain (that) it's not dangerous?
      • I feel certain (that) it was a mistake
      • I checked the list to make certain (that) …
      to be certain estar seguro
      • he's quite certain about it está muy seguro / muy convencido de ello
      • are you certain? ¿estás seguro?
      • Whatever the future holds, the one thing he can be certain about is how much he will miss Blackburn Rovers.
      • Ella Lockett from Bassett Green admitted she wasn't certain about joining the group.
      • He is just as certain about this as he is about wanting to reach his sporting potential as an adult, not as a teenager.
      • If you can't be certain about that then how can you be certain about anything?
      • Widdecombe does, though, concede that it is hard to be certain about what never happened.
      • I am not certain about this particular rendition will taste, only time will tell.
      • Take out a piece of paper and write down the things you are pretty much certain about.
      • It is a very old poem from 1994 and not even I am certain about the origin of much of it.
      • If one thing is certain about the war in Iraq, it is that lawyers are making a packet.
      • I am sure that after today's antics you are quite certain about what I did all day long.
      • OK, that was a bit strong, and I am actually much less certain about the issue than that.
      • I am not certain about that, your Honour, but my belief is that it did not go on appeal.
      • Of course nobody can be certain about future developments and how the trade union leaders will act.
      • As with the gospel as a whole, it is impossible to be certain about earlier stages of composition.
      • If you aren't sure about total numbers you can still send us a booking for those you are certain about.
      • That is a fact that we can be certain about without having to be a marlin to know it.
      • Ad folk need to be certain about who and how many people they are reaching.
      • Surely that would be as big a torment to the families of his victims as the certain knowledge that they will never know.
      • What I miss is the certain knowledge that if only she would quit, the world would be a better place.
      • I woke up this morning so bloody sure of everything and now am slightly less certain.

  • 2

    it's only open on certain days/at certain times of day está abierto solamente ciertos días/a ciertas horas (del día)
    • he has a certain something tiene un no sé qué / (un) algo especial
    • he has a certain charm tiene un cierto encanto
    • there are certain things you ought to know hay ciertas cosas que deberías saber
    • a certain person refused to go cierta persona se negó a ir
    • a certain Jill Brown una tal Jill Brown
    • a certain amount of envy is inevitable es inevitable que haya cierta envidia
    • Depending on the status of the field only certain units may be able to operate from the area.
    • For every advanced feature added, I increasingly expect to be able to do certain things.
    • I'm not trying to sound like a saint, but we take for granted that we are healthy and able to live a certain way.
    • Foreigners know that you need experience in your field to able to have a certain job.
    • In certain conditions he is able to see the fate of those who have disappeared.
    • Many anglers did not renew in April because they weren't able to fish in certain areas.
    • If you do this out of necessity rather than choice you may be able to claim certain running costs.
    • They knew that a just society relies on a certain level of order and cohesiveness.
    • Life is not just about living and dying and as such we all should be able to enjoy a certain quality of life.
    • I think when you play a character you have to be able to relate to certain aspects.
    • He also relied upon certain paragraphs in the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State.
    • In this connection the Bank relies on certain observations of Lord Steyn in Williams v.
    • Those who do not have a problem will be able to pick out certain numbers or shapes from within the dot patterns.
    • The Employer's pleading relied on certain express and implied terms of the contract.
    • Yet, they keep winning, whilst certain pretenders have experienced a few slips.
    • Since he won Pop Idol, certain areas of the media have sought to blame Young for all the world's ills.
    • If we had stuck a few more phases on certain moves the win would have been more comfortable.
    • As a male I have never been able to understand why a certain variety of my own sex cannot take defeat by a woman.
    • If you want a certain party to win, it is better that you persuade many others to vote for them than vote yourself.
    • Tricks have no value in themselves; the object is to win tricks with certain cards in them.


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    certain of his colleagues/her works ciertos colegas suyos/ciertas obras suyas