Translation of certainty in Spanish:


certeza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərtnti/ /ˈsəːt(ə)nti/

nounplural certainties

  • 1

    (belief, conviction)
    certeza feminine
    seguridad feminine
    we can say with certainty that … podemos decir con certeza / con seguridad que …
    • This certainty that failure is the only outcome has been most pronounced among Labour politicians.
    • He says this with such certainty that one might conclude he was a painter of solutions, that his art was one of formulas and rousing public appeals.
    • However, we shall need to wait for a longer time series to conclude with certainty that the Canadian urban system is indeed heading to a new equilibrium.
    • She's also bringing a positive attitude and certainty that she'll have another exciting, successful show.
    • Thus, they concluded with some certainty that the accused participated in the Halton incidents.
    • I trust with absolute certainty that compassion is the only possible response to pain.
    • I have certainty that Jean-Pierre trusts me and is not going to shout because I did something bad.
    • We cannot speak with authority and certainty that they are safe for the general public?
    • The authors said they can say with certainty that there are a significant number of people at different stages of developing problems with heroin use/misuse.
    • The flip side of greater certainty that those with jobs will remain employed is greater certainty that the unemployed will remain unemployed.
    • All this is partly caused by, and certainly reinforces, that gut feeling of certainty that animates today's American right.
    • Can anyone really say with complete certainty that they know ALL the facts about this?
    • Darnay is ultimately saved when one witness' testimony hinges on the witness' certainty that he saw Darnay at a certain locale at a particular time.
    • If the merger goes ahead, the North West Development Agency is expected to plough tens of millions of pounds into the new venture, reflecting their certainty that it will be good for the regional economy.
    • And I can state with certainty that old grey poets, especially those experiencing strange and discomforting interruptions in the creative process, do not like work.
    • And my problem with those on the edges of politics, both on the far right and far left, is the self-righteous certainty that their view should be my view.
    • But we look forward to the day when we can welcome your nation into the community of free societies of the world, for we know with deepest certainty that such a day will come.
    • But when that day finally arrives, we know with absolute certainty that she will be there with open arms to greet us, and our reunion as a family will be glorious.
    • I know with 100% certainty that my brother would have been safer sitting in his living room than being anywhere in Iraq.
    • That is the direction in which things seem headed once more, as with just a few weeks to go before selection of the team for Down Under, no one could say with certainty that the best squad will be selected.
  • 2

    (certain event)
    there are few certainties in this life hay pocas cosas seguras en esta vida
    • defeat is now a certainty la derrota es algo seguro / es cosa segura