Translation of cervical screening in Spanish:

cervical screening

citología (cervical), n.


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    citología (cervical) feminine
    frotis cervical masculine
    Papanicolau masculine Latin America
    • The nurse consultant for colposcopy and cervical screening at Rotherham Hospital, Sheila Ibbotson, praised the family for their charity work.
    • The British medical Journal carried an article saying that perhaps we should solve all the problems in cervical screening by using HPV testing.
    • He claimed the PCT was still performing at the highest level in the country in areas such as cervical screening, cancer treatment and coronary heart disease, diabetic screening and vaccinations and immunisation.
    • Absolutely, and the NHS offerings of child development, breast and cervical screening, as well as the plans for bowel screening were given due regard.
    • In cervical screening it is accepted that the proportion of false negative screening tests should be 5% or less.
    • This should highlight physical symptoms and unmet physical healthcare needs, such as cervical screening and dental care.
    • Unless cervical screening for chlamydia has been performed, prophylactic antibiotics such as doxycycline and metronidazole should be given to minimise the risk of infection developing after the procedure.
    • Our results emphasise the need to improve the ‘hard evidence’ in studies of new technologies for cervical screening by using adequate methodological standards.
    • Pap smears should be used for cervical screening among a core age group of women aged 30-60, and the screening interval should be three to five years.
    • This has also been clearly demonstrated in the UK, where cervical screening was not sufficiently widespread to have an impact until the late 1980s.
    • In particular, the nurse practitioners carried out more tests associated with opportunistic screening such as urine testing and cervical screening.
    • The recommended length of time between cervical screening tests is as follows.
    • She said she had not been going for cervical screening before the diagnosis but now made sure her friends and family did use the service.
    • Minerva was recently embroiled in a heated discussion about the merits of cervical screening using smears.
    • The PCT is also among the best in the country in terms of patients receiving cervical screening, flu vaccinations and care for chronic heart conditions.
    • It is a tidy-up after the absolute mess of cervical screening and cancer registry maintenance in this country.
    • The trust did particularly well in the number of patients given cervical screening and flu vaccinations and in the way it cares for patients with chronic heart conditions.
    • This set-up could overcome insurance obstacles but, internationally, all cervical screening is completed at GP clinics as these are seen as less intimidating for women.
    • However, breast cancer screening was no more reliable and cervical screening was certainly not cost-effective.
    • If carried out effectively, cervical screening can prevent 80 to 90% of cancers.