Translation of cessation in Spanish:


cese, n.

Pronunciation /sɛˈseɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    cese masculine
    cesación feminine
    cessation of hostilities cese de hostilidades
    • His work since then has been acknowledged as instrumental in bringing a cessation of hostilities in the North.
    • First the agreement of cessation of hostilities must be implemented and implemented successfully.
    • Nor was it truly noise, because if it were noise, then it could cease, and that cessation of sound would be silence.
    • War begins with the outbreak of hostilities and ends with their cessation.
    • Television advertisements about smoking cessation often conclude by saying that the patient shown has died.
    • The two studies show that mecamylamine, started before cessation and continued afterwards, may help smoking cessation.
    • Apologies for the sudden cessation of in-depth critical analysis.
    • Advise on lifestyle, diet, exercise and smoking cessation is available.
    • The health board agreed to immediate cessation of non-nursing duties by INO members.
    • As such the militant cessation of violence, it said, should be followed by demilitarisation.
    • This accounts for the sudden cessation of posts here since Saturday night.
    • The workshop would cover tobacco and drug addiction, alcohol use and tobacco cessation.
    • This kind of cessation of treatment only occurs if someone is being fed intravenously or by some method other than a spoon.
    • He says vaccinations would result in the immediate cessation of meat exports from Britain.
    • The cessation of Iraqi pumping has caused the price of petroleum to rise to $45 a barrel.
    • And yet there was no cessation of anti-Semitism in the liberated country.
    • Ageing starts in 20s and cessation of exercise by the elite sports people could contribute to this.
    • Making dietary changes could either support or hinder smoking cessation.
    • Almost complete cessation of sweating occurs after four treatments of about 10 minutes over two to three weeks.
    • It argued that the only form of patriotism was full-on, cessation of sport.