Translation of chaff in Spanish:


barcia, n.

Pronunciation /tʃæf/ /tʃɑːf/ /tʃaf/


  • 1

    barcia feminine
    ahechaduras feminine
    granzas feminine
    • Spikes were threshed and florets (hereafter called seeds) separated from chaff by sieving and forced-air separation.
    • The chaff is winnowed out by the activities of millions of independent actions.
    • Then the chaff - the husks and debris - was ‘winnowed’ or blown off the heavier grain with the aid of the wind or with fans.
    • To keep the radiator from plugging up with seeds and chaff, we wrapped it and the grill with window screen.
    • For example, look at something like a winnowing machine which separates the corn from the chaff.
    • In the process of making fine mealie-meal, Maize that is washed clean is put aside, while coarse Bran chaff is separated out.
    • The mixture of grain, chaff and husks is placed on a flat or shallow basket and held shoulder high.
    • The village girls spit out the chaff as they winnow with wooden forks and sing about their dowry jewels.
    • A person in clean moccasins then ‘danced the rice’ treading on it to remove the hull and then tossing it into the air to winnow the chaff.
    • They processed the grain there using a threshing sled to separate the stalks or chaff from the grain.
    • If there are weed seeds, weed debris, chaff or non-grain material, clean the grain before putting it into the bins.
    • They modified farm equipment designed to separate chaff from wheat and used it to remove paper labels from the mix.
    • He would sometime be given a job bagging and clearing chaff on a threshing day.
    • Green stems and leaves add moisture to the threshed grain and prevent clean separation of the grain and chaff.
    • The seeds sprinkle out while the chaff and larger debris remain in the cup and can be discarded.
    • They modified farm equipment designed to separate chaff from wheat and used it to remove paper labels from the mix.
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    mezcla de paja y heno (fodder)
    • They each get through six buckets of chaff, hay, bran and molasses a day, plus all the mints, carrots and apples they are given by grateful landlords and landladies on their delivery round.
    • He always had bran, pollard, hay and chaff on hand and would pay the highest prices for dairy produce.
    • I think the real danger if you take them off a balancer or trace element supplement and just feed them chaff or local stuff then they can become short of breath.
    • It is said that only in the No.1 Food Store can people buy chaff.
    • At its side you could see a cow munching on a pile of chaff.
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    (worthless material)
    paja feminine
    broza feminine
    • His article crosses the line from constructive and thoughtful criticism to contrarian polemic, the net effect being a dilution of truly worthwhile lessons at the expense of extraneous chaff.
    • Which is a shame because strip away the chaff and you will find an interesting, diverse artist who has produced an impressive body of work.
    • Most morality and the things which provoke the ‘Angry of Tunbridge Wells’ letters are all just chaff when compared to the real things which have been sorted out and the things which do need sorting out in the world.
    • German, rather bravely, had agreed to defend George Galloway against somebody who was sufficiently well informed to cut through his evasive chaff, and came out of the experience somewhat dazed and confused.
    • It takes an incisive professional to cut through all this self-indulgent chaff to bring you the priceless kernel of truth, so here goes…
    • Words, words, words: we have so many words, and they are chaff, but where is THE WORD that in the beginning was God and was with God?
    • So, today, I had a thunderstruck few minutes when I entered the bookshop, comprehending just how much chaff has been created by Dan Brown's bloody book.
    • I'm one of you, folks - I've been there, but you must truly be careful and expose chaff where it exists.
    • However, there's a hell of a lot of chaff to go through as well.
    • Mohamed searches out quality (most of his list costs north of £20 a bottle), but there is simply no chaff.
    • I want to tell my children and my grandchildren that their parents and grandparents were neither super-men nor human chaff.
    • The Fraser Inquiry will ascribe blame for technical mishaps and bureaucratic incompetence, but history will judge all that mere chaff.
    • Yes, there's still a lot of chaff out there, and it's the reader's responsibility to sift and choose.
    • Kylie ruled… but Hear'Say and Westlife's manufactured chaff made the charts less relevant than ever.
    • In this case, the presiding judge cut through the legal chaff and ruled that the request for information was reasonable.
    • These are no doubt important and significant issues that need to be considered, but let us cast them aside as so much chaff.
    • The irony is that, in editing, one has to lie to tell the truth, otherwise the audience would die of boredom or the truth would be smothered under a mountain of chaff.
    • Learn to listen out for instinct, to separate it from the usual mental chaff, that bit of info, chant, incantation, poem that downloads itself into yer head aint easy.
    • One name, however, stands out among the free-agent chaff - Derian Hatcher, defenseman for the Dallas Stars.
    • They're the reason we have 98% chaff on the shelves.