Translation of chain-smoke in Spanish:


fumar un cigarrillo tras otro, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪnˌsmoʊk/ /ˈtʃʌɪnsməʊk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    fumar un cigarrillo tras otro
    • I spent my working hours chain-smoking cigarettes and looking through the packs of developed photographs before the customers returned for them.
    • You chain-smoked cigarettes, throughout the night.
    • The cigarette consumption is voracious - he chain-smokes throughout our interview and has previously smoked his way around the golf course.
    • An archetypal loner who chain-smokes, drives when drunk and rarely has a fresh pint of milk in the fridge, he is dysfunction personified.
    • He took us to a café by the sea where we drank Malibu while he chain-smoked and chatted about his life in Kotor and the tensions he experienced because of his Albanian nationality.
    • Most of the women were chain-smoking, and everyone was drinking.
    • High-roller gamblers from Asia tend to chain-smoke, which has traditionally gone hand-in-hand with drinking and gambling.
    • Upstairs, reporters jammed into a tiny antechamber, the shaggy cameramen and newspaper photographers chain-smoking and the lady reporters chattering nervously.
    • Tom would be teasing Katie, and Dad chain-smoking and making jokes, while Mom piled the table with enough food to feed the Zuckermans twice over.
    • Undernourished and chain-smoking, he looks 16.
    • She spends what seem like hours bathing, listening to Billie Holiday records, chain-smoking, and smiling to herself.
    • It's a bit of an odd casting choice considering that in the comics he's a ragged, chain-smoking, working class Brit with blonde hair.
    • We went during Paris fashion week and the place was full of martini drinking skinny models, chain-smoking and sipping Martinis.
    • Marge's chain-smoking, DMV-working sister, Selma, feels the tick of her biological clock.
    • I led Laura to The Mermaid, where she trailed behind me, chain-smoking.
    • Once poker was a game played by chain-smoking, visor-wearing social oddities with rolls of cash and an obsession for cards which bordered on addiction.
    • Also there was the fact that practically everyone in the bar was chain-smoking, and there was limited ventilation in the room.
    • It now seems almost certain that the once fun-loving, chain-smoking, hard-drinking Royal socialite will bow out of public life.
    • I'm not in the market for any old artsy, chain-smoking, wonderful kisser, prince.
    • The host was politically incorrect, chain-smoking, and fiercely monarchist.