Translation of chain gang in Spanish:

chain gang

cuerda de presos, n.


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    (in US)
    cuerda de presos feminine
    cadena de presos feminine
    • Following his arrest, he is tried, convicted, and sentenced to one year on a prison chain gang in a distant parish.
    • The next scene, playing under the credits, is of the typical, grueling road work forced upon prisoners - an imprisonment which reflects the authentic horrors of life on a chain gang in a Southern prison.
    • Directed by the Coen Brothers, the film is set in depression-era Mississippi and follows the trails of three convicts who escape a chain gang and go in search of buried treasure.
    • Then we were given some prisoner's uniforms, very similar to the uniforms a prison chain gang used to wear here.
    • We would say applying community standards, one would expect the community would be unaware of that other than seeing a television report of a chain gang in Georgia.
    • The film concerns two escapees from a chain gang, one black and one white, who are forced to cooperate with one another to avoid capture.
    • The portrayal of Boss Godfrey as the prison guard who never speaks but constantly surveys the chain gang through reflector sunglasses epitomises the sinister pervasiveness that is prison.
    • Of greater significance was the parole system, introduced in 1908, the same year as convict leasing was abolished and the chain gang introduced.
    • The warden of prisons was contacted for information on the convict's behavior on the chain gang, or in a few cases on the State Farm.
    • Alex Lichtenstein sees an essential continuity between the convict lease system and the chain gang in Georgia.
    • If they spend 30 days on the chain gang, picking up trash, weeding or burying bodies, they can get out of the punishment cells and live in… tents.
    • He spent three weeks on a chain gang for doing so.
    • George Clooney and some cheeky chappies escape from a '30s chain gang and sing Deep South ballads while having misadventure after misadventure.
    • Soon, he too fell asleep to the sound of the chain gang.
    • The chant that the chain gang sings, is ‘Black Water’ by the Doobie Brothers.
    • So you can, for instance, legally gamble 24 hours a day in Nevada and New Jersey, but try to open a casino in some southern states and you may find yourself on the chain gang.
    • In fact, I feel like I've been off of work for about a year, and that year was spent working on a chain gang or holding my breath underwater.
    • By May the walks and curbs had been completed, the chain gang having made ‘a pretty job’ of it and cheaply too.
    • They were to be taken away to the chain gang in a week or so.
    • Joker Jackson and Noah Cullen are two convicts chained together in the back of a truck heading for work on a chain gang.