Translation of chain mail in Spanish:

chain mail

cota de malla, n.


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    cota de malla feminine
    • It was a fairly old man, donned in full armour and chain mail.
    • The copper turned the arrowhead into a lethal weapon capable of splitting chain mail and armour.
    • She nodded silently and then threw her arms around him, feeling only the cold metal chinks of his chain mail beneath his tunic.
    • Both man and beast were studded with ring and chain mail, which glittered like a giant shoal of fish.
    • The rings from his chain mail clinked as he walked, though he wore a white tunic over it.
    • They wore chain mail into battle, used a lance, sword or mace to fight with and rode horses that were bred to carry such a weight at speed.
    • Russian armor wasn't so heavy and the metal shields were made of chain mail, so they dealt with most strikes using their bodies.
    • Members of the heavy cavalry would also wear chain mail and a cuirass made of leather covered iron scales.
    • A centurion dressed in silver chain mail and a red cape walks toward a man, who is overlooking the ocean.
    • A metal helmet was clamped over his small head, and chain mail covered by a diminutive tunic protected his slight frame.
    • His chain mail did little to protect him from harm, but it did prevent the blow from being lethal.
    • I was in chain mail, currently, with a metal helmet on my head, and some light armor everywhere else.
    • Due to the battle in the prairie, the white dress I wore over my chain mail was shredded, and my chain mail wasn't a pretty sight either.
    • He limped toward Danni who was fighting a knight in chain mail.
    • Her chain mail clinked as she threw her sheathed swords on the dirt near a fire, dropping herself heavily onto the ground.
    • The knight, clad in chain mail and a field plate, gripped the Advisor's shoulder warmly.
    • If all you have to carry is your own chain mail, a sword and a shield, it's no problem.
    • Strength and honor were the king's clothing, not armor and chain mail.
    • Their armor was elegant chain mail that had been designed to have silver leaved intertwined within the links.
    • He was now without armor or chain mail and was dressed in burgundy and gold.