Translation of chaise longue in Spanish:

chaise longue

chaise longue, n.

Pronunciation /ˌʃeɪz ˈlɔŋ/ /ˌʃeɪz ˈlɒŋɡ/

nounplural chaises longues

  • 1

    chaise longue feminine
    • The Lady of Shalott and Babar the Elephant looked down side by side from one wall; ermine drapes clashed with mauve wallpaper; a turquoise chaise longue abutted a burgundy sofa.
    • Other than the bed and the chaise longue, the only other significant piece of furniture was a dresser with a mirror, but the room overflowed with rich tapestries and carpets.
    • Overhead, a landing with wooden floor extends the length of the house and could easily hold a chaise longue or set of bookcases.
    • Upstairs the large master bedroom comfortably accommodates a king-sized bed and a chaise longue.
    • Amongst the furniture is a large chaise longue, with hugely over-sized ram's horn scrolls.
    • There was a red velvet chair, then one of green leather, then a bright pink conversation stool, then a blue chaise longue.
    • Refugees are not disporting themselves on the finest chaises longues while single mums in the same B & B sit enviously on metal spikes.
    • There won't be any of those reproduction Louis XV chaises longues in the corridor that nobody ever sits on.
    • For the show we'd borrowed a chaise longue and Bob was singing a number on it called High, High, High, Low, Low, Low.
    • ‘I'm sorry we're a bit underprepared,’ she fussed, ‘If you were here tomorrow there would be a chaise longue and everything.’
    • The room opens out onto a dressing area, and is given a feminine feel with the addition of a suede chaise longue.
    • Clients can rest in a chaise longue, there is music playing and water available.
    • There is so much research you can do but that's not going to help you discover how you choose for the character to lie down on a chaise longue, pick up a cup or handle a book.
    • The chaise longue by Le Corbusier: ecstasy for the back whichever way you recline (try upside down).
    • But instead of shaking hands he bent his knees, lowered himself to the floor in a skateboarding posture and then launched himself into the air, landing with a thud on the chaise longue.
    • Le Corbusier designed the chaise longue in 1929.
    • We then move into a drawing room, backstage, where we find Monica Dolan's Lady Macbeth - the only white adult in the cast - curled up on a chaise longue.
    • One day I might meet a millionaire who wishes to fund a lying on a chaise longue eating chocolate lifestyle for me and I'd hate to have to meet the situation ill dressed.
    • The youngsters, Joel and Benedict, climb backwards and forwards over their father and his chaise longue as if on a playground climbing frame.
    • James settled on the end of the chaise longue and asked gently, ‘How are you feeling, my darling?’