Translation of chalkpit in Spanish:


cantera de creta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɔkpɪt/ /ˈtʃɔːkpɪt/


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    cantera de creta feminine
    • Robert Adam, who had three houses approved under PPG7, the most by any one architect, has submitted plans for a 20,000 sq ft house in a chalk pit near Winchester in Hampshire. It is going to a public inquiry in December.
    • Barney and Stig's adventures around the chalk pit near his grandmother's house culminate in a fascinating journey back in time to the days where there were only Stigs and stone circles.
    • In Sittingbourne, Kent, two men who plunged 75 ft down a chalk pit were rescued yesterday after one of them used his mobile phone to call police in the early hours.
    • This Wessex man with a small sheep farm was ruined when his sheep were chased into a chalk pit by his dog.
    • He tried it in a local chalk pit where he usually rode and was pleased with it.
    • When he was a boy, walking home from school every day, he went through a chalk pit.
    • Mr Greenham asked Mr Backhouse if he would be willing for some bushes and undergrowth behind the chalk pit in Fullers Firs to be removed.
    • They plunged into the waters of the chalk pit.
    • It could be that old chalk pit where antisocial neighbours dump their fridges, or the overgrown set of foundations where your grandfather knocked down an old house that had got too expensive to repair.
    • In the 1730s, the life of Sir Paulet St John was saved by his horse which leapt into a twenty five foot deep chalk pit - but by landing on his feet saved both his own life and that of his master.