Translation of chamfer in Spanish:


bisel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈ(t)ʃæmfər/ /ˈtʃamfə/


  • 1

    bisel masculine

transitive verb

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    (make chamfer on)
    • The front corners are more chamfered, the headlights cut into the bumper, flanking a lower front grille.
    • The straight marlborough legs are chamfered on the inside corners to make them look less blocky and massive when viewed from an angle.
    • The scribed outline on the back of the splat of this chair, set about one quarter of an inch from the edge, may have been a guide for chamfering the splat after it was sawn to shape.
    • The leading edge of the cylinder was chamfered and the hammer and mainframe were case hardened.
    • As was customary, the inside edges of all of the legs were lightly chamfered to reduce their bulky appearance when viewed from an angle.
    • The pin hole was chamfered to aid with disassembly, and any remaining sharp edges of the frame were removed.
    • The lateral surface of the dentary is strongly chamfered along the posterior half of its length.
    • Inside the nightclub are chamfered block pedestals for mahogany-framed photographs of John Coltrane, Georges Brassens, Billy Holiday, Mohammad Abdelwahab, and other beloved musicians.
    • Originally developed to route cracks in concrete for repairs with sealants and repair mortars, these bits make decorative V-shaped, chamfered joints possible.
    • The edges were whittled down a little to make a smooth handle, and the ends were chamfered.
    • As much as I enjoy ‘bench time,’ there is one step of the reloading process I utterly despise and is guaranteed to induce a bout of chest tightening anxiety - trimming, chamfering, and deburring cartridge cases.
    • This explanation is flimsy, as chamfering generally involves rounding off the edges, rather than altering 70 percent of its surface area.
    • Gimson expressed his enthusiasm for craftsmanship by his use of techniques such as chamfering with a draw knife as wheelwrights did to chamfer parts of farm wagons or tools, reducing the weight of the timber without affecting strength.
    • Processing will include turning, polishing, straightening, chamfering and precision saw cutting, SDI said.
    • Soane introduced light into the interior from exterior walls by a subtle grading of the light, by using deep chamfered reveals to vertical windows.
    • The fixed lights are recessed even further, with their surrounding frames heavily chamfered.
    • The instructions told me to put the chamfered edge up; there was no chamfered edge.
    • Use the special ‘Universal’ type of tile, which is self-spacing and has several glazed chamfered edges.
    • Most of his stones have simple rounded tops, chamfered edges, and peculiarities in lettering.
    • We're also using softer paper, with gently chamfered edges, because people told us it made their hands hurt.
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    (cut groove in)