There are 2 main translations of champ in Spanish

: champ1champ2


masticar, v.

Pronunciation /tʃæmp/ /tʃamp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • The sound behind him of the horses champing and snorting and the carriage creaking propelled him reluctantly up the stairs.
    • A pervasive gloom hung over this place, woven into the very stillness of the air, disturbed only by the thud of hooves on fallen leaves and now and then a soft clink as one of the mares champed her bit.
    • His horse in the silence champed the grasses
    • When a horse champs the bit, it is a sign that he no longer resists the action of the hand.
    • Troops of cowgirls in red, white and blue-fringed chaps astride champing horses followed the young men down the parade route.
    • No kicking under the table or champing on food during silent grace. No skipping or running in the hallways.
    • There was a loud champing sound outside, and occasionally growls or grumbling.
    • His jaws champed spasmodically, froth appeared on his blackened lips.
    • The traveller champed meditatively at his steak.
  • 2

    (be eager)
    they were champing with impatience saltaban de impaciencia

There are 2 main translations of champ in Spanish

: champ1champ2


campeón, n.


  • 1

    campeón masculine
    campeona feminine
    • I like the Vikings as NFC champs and Super Bowl runners-up.
    • The Japanese baseball champs douse their star with Sapporo beer (I love the beer goggles - literally).
    • I went to high school with future champs.
    • Over the years, the number of national champs there dwindled as more and more people in the rest of the country joined in the search for big trees.
    • Well, we're going to pick your favorite as we compare the cyclist victories of some other longtime sporting champs.
    • So Ferrari are defending champs in both championships.
    • The match, at RFK stadium in Washington D.C., featured two giants of European football, Barcelona and reigning European champs, A.C. Milan.
    • Will the defending champs repeat their victory, even though America has the home course advantage?
    • No mistake, the Big East is among the country's best basketball conferences, boasting four different national champs in the last 20 years.
    • After the white oak the actual ranking of eastern champions becomes somewhat arbitrary because successive champs are often separated by only a few points.
    • Even the Super Bowl champs said goodbye to four integral players.
    • It should be pointed out that 14 teams have only one player in the game, including the reigning NL champs, the Astros.
    • An unseemly ruck developed for his services, before he eventually chose European champions Northampton ahead of English champs Leicester.
    • The defending MLS Cup champs were the surprise of the league last year.
    • Back then retired champs used to go to and care about the big championship fights.
    • And it's never too late to lace up and glide toward that dream: Carrier says her Silverbladers range in age from 18 to 70 and in skill from clueless beginners to former champs.
    • And there is his belief that Lennox Lewis is one of the five top-ranked heavyweight champs of all time, because he revenged his defeats and then chased Tyson, before obliterating him.
    • After the successful launch of last year's snow season in Bulgaria's top winter resort of Bansko with Italian Alberto Tomba, another two skiing champs will cut the ribbon this year.
    • Then there's the 2003 champ, Matthias, from Switzerland, who mounts fish and is starting to struggle with his conscience.
    • When his wife runs off with the local darts champ, Colin sets off to Blackpool to win her back.