Translation of champagne in Spanish:


champán, n.

Pronunciation /ʃæmˈpeɪn/ /ʃamˈpeɪn/


  • 1

    champán masculine
    champaña masculine, feminine
    a champagne breakfast un desayuno con champán / champaña
    • champagne cocktail/glass cóctel de champán / champaña
    • They drank French champagne out of crystal flutes and toasted to a long and prosperous future.
    • I hear of pink champagne flowing, 700 guests.
    • But don't pop open the champagne bottles just yet.
    • Some teams that are in cap trouble will be breaking open champagne bottles if their players are selected.
    • Virtually all vintage champagne is a blend, so the variations are endless.
    • Vintage champagne is a wine made from grapes grown in a single year.
    • And they served the pink champagne, and Dali talked all the time.
    • The champagne was finally uncorked in August 1981 when a management buy-out saved all the jobs.
    • We were out in the garden at midnight sipping champagne and watching the fireworks!
    • He shares his cheese platter with me and orders expensive champagne.
    • The prize includes a champagne reception, four-course meal with wine and an after-dinner cocktail.
    • I slowly poured the champagne into the flute glasses and enjoyed watching the carbonation.
    • But the great outdoors here mean more than quaffing champagne in the spa pool.
    • After our 112-106 win, the champagne flowed in the locker room.
    • Daniel offered me a drink of complimentary champagne, but I shook my head vehemently.
    • I was particularly taken with Honeymoon, a champagne cocktail with, um, honey in it.
    • Will the stars have to go without hair dryers and champagne on ice?
    • After we sat down, the waiter brought us two bottles of cheap champagne.
    • I grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing waiter and downed it.
    • Ella replied smoothly, taking a glass of what seemed to be champagne from a passing waiter.
  • 2

    color champán masculine
    color champaña masculine
    (before noun) color champán
    (invariable adjective and before noun) color champaña
    • Her pale, champagne blonde hair was loose to her elbows in a silky sheet of soft tresses.
    • I think i'm buying a champagne coloured wedding dress but not sure what colour of bridesmaid dress to go for.
    • As well as the champagne colour, you can also get this in white, with prices from free and up
    • The paint is now peeling and showing spots of black under the Champagne, so I'm trying to decide on colors also.