Translation of chancel in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃænsəl/ /ˈtʃɑːns(ə)l/


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    coro y presbiterio
    • Then we begin stripping the altar and the entire chancel while the choir and the congregation chant Psalm 22 antiphonally.
    • A wrought-iron screen dividing the chancel and the nave impresses beyond words.
    • The wrought-iron rail separating the chancel and the nave at St Wilfrid's Church, in the shadow of York Minster, was created by celebrated craftsman Wilfrid Dowson in 1948.
    • The elaborate lectern, the pulpit, the low screen separating chancel and nave, and the uniform seating remain.
    • The chancel and nave of the church date back to the 12 th century, but it is also believed a Saxon church once stood there before and a Roman building before this.
    • Spatially, the traditional location of the one was in the chancel or choir of the church, and the other was indeed beyond space, in eternity, which implies the transcendence of both time and space.
    • So important is the Decalogue that it is given prominence by placing it in the chancel facing the altar, where the Eucharist is celebrated and the cathedra, the chair of the bishop, is found.
    • He looks down on you with great tenderness, and over a chancel and nave on the walls of which the whole story of the bible is magically told in little bits of stone and glass.
    • A temporary roof and ceiling were added to the nave and the chancel and much of the furniture and fittings of the old Cathedral were used to maintain links with the past.
    • In its earliest form this was a modest structure adapted from a private house, consisting of a 20 m. long nave with a short chancel.
    • But in Victorian times it suffered a slow demise, as barrel organs and harmoniums replaced the bands, and a surpliced choir in the chancel tended to supersede the old gallery singers, bringing a return to conventional art music.
    • He explains, moreover, the underlying meaning of chancel, altar, liturgy, rood and rood screen - their crucial role in separating parishioners from the stage and drama of the Mass.
    • The choir stalls were moved from the chancel to their present position in the nave in 1961 to make room for the bishop's throne and canon's stalls.
    • We do not know at whose instance the Stratford monument was raised, but we do know that in August 1623 that invisible woman Ann Shakespeare died and was buried alongside her husband in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church.
    • For historical reasons, certain pieces of land (formerly known as glebe land) are subject to an obligation to bear the cost of repairs to the chancel of the local church.
    • He was buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church.
    • Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 and is buried in the chancel of Trinity Church in Stratford.
    • I did not know that Bach's remains had been transferred to the chancel of the church, and his memorial stone moved me to the depths.
    • The church originally seated 1,000 people but services are now held in a chancel off the main church.
    • Children sat along the chancel step, singing with guitars, drums and Andean pan flutes.