Translation of chancellery in Spanish:


legación (diplomática), n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃæns(ə)ləri/ /ˈtʃɑːns(ə)l(ə)ri/ /ˈtʃɑːnsləri/

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nounplural chancelleries

  • 1US

    (embassy, embassy staff)
    legación (diplomática) feminine
    cancillería feminine
    • The chancellery complex, in fact, is not a dayuan as such; it is not an introverted fortress with a courtyard in the middle, although many embassy and chancellery buildings are fortified in one way or another.
    • Thousands of demonstrators ransacked the embassy compound, tearing down the large US seal on the front of the chancellery building and setting fire to vehicles.
    • Debate took place within and between agencies, departments, armies, and diplomatic chancelleries.
  • 2

    (chancellor's office)
    cancillería feminine
    • The German chancellery and foreign office also welcomed similar comments made just a few days ago by the head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
    • This housed the royal couple and offices such as the chancellery.
    • What every agenda needs is a task force and a tsar, so the Respect Task Force has already been set up, on September 2, with responsibility to the Home Office minister whose name is a by-word in the chancelleries of Europe.
    • A telegram of protest to a foreign chancellery gives the satisfaction of a job well done and a night's rest well earned.
    • He was appointed special investigator by the chancellery of the present Social Democratic chancellor.
    • However, she is insisting that the Social Democrats recognise her claim to the chancellery before she agrees to hold formal coalition talks.
    • The chancellery, a huge set of cubes that completely dominates the surrounding park, is eight storeys high and spreads out over 12,000 square metres.
    • The polls are with her, and if the hopes and fears of a downtrodden and hurting middle class were translated into votes, she would be swept into the chancellery on a landslide.
    • Of course, he is aided by a chancellery, he has to delegate decisions, he cannot do everything, but in the last resort he can do everything, as he makes the final decisions and gives the final decrees.
    • The state chancellery in Munich quickly rejected the statements.
    • Apparently, there is agreement in the German chancellery and foreign ministry on this point.
    • After finishing school, spending two years in the army and four years studying economics, he pursued a 30-year career in various ministries and chancelleries without ever standing in an election.
    • Ever since Ranke, who was the first to use the records of the chancelleries of Europe which were just then beginning to become available, historians have tried to get back to original sources.
    • Special attention was given to large, complicated scripts used in chancelleries to discourage imitation or forgeries of important documents.
    • What they found caused alarm in several chancelleries.
    • A high security wall has been erected in the Mainz city centre around the historic cathedral, the castle, the regional parliament, the state chancellery and the world famous Gutenberg Museum.
    • In the upshot, it was decided that a temporary banishment from Petersburg was advisable, and Pushkin was sent to serve in the chancellery of General Inzov, the military governor of Bessarabia, where he was kept under surveillance.
    • After all, that cause was never as popular in the chancelleries of Europe and the campuses of America as it became after the first round of suicide bombings.
    • The railway workers were supplied with sleeping bags by their unions so they could sleep on the library and chancellery steps while riot police surrounded the universities threatening to storm the campuses.
    • Apparently, there is agreement in the German chancellery and foreign ministry on this point.