Translation of change purse in Spanish:

change purse

portamonedas, n.

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    portamonedas masculine
    monedero masculine
    chauchera feminine Bolivia, Chile
    • I took my change purse out of my pocketbook and scowled.
    • Also I couldn't pick up change out of a change purse.
    • Focus your attention on a change purse full of money: What things could we buy with this money?
    • And if you don't have the exact change, and if you speak with the accent, they automatically assume that you don't understand the money, so they just want to get their hands on your change purse.
    • At the party, Dennis and Margo sat around a backyard bonfire, passing a joint she had pulled from her change purse.
    • I lost my change purse and Mark paid for my food.
    • For example, I believe you have the right to smack the person in front of you with a grocery divider if they're taking too long going through their change purse at the cash.
    • Instead, the moment they get their hands on some treasure, be it a chest full of gold doubloons or a change purse, they sail off to some island to bury it.
    • Without a second thought Tori grabbed her change purse and vaulted out the window, nearly crushing her friend in the process.
    • You even took a piece of junk jewelry I got as a joke for a friend and was keeping in my change purse till I saw her next.
    • I heard an ice cream truck drive by the other day and of course, I had this instant impulse to run for my change purse.
    • So then the girl in front of me gets up there, presses the buttons and then pulls out a change purse.
    • My favourite by far was a votive called Ambrette, which came tucked in a satin change purse.
    • I spilled the contents of my change purse and the chick I was with started to pick them up to give to me.
    • ‘I can make it worth your while…’ Donal trailed off meaningfully, his hand moving towards his change purse.
    • With a dramatic sigh, she opened her change purse and counted out, not just enough for a soda, but for a soda and a candy bar.
    • I fished out my small black change purse.
    • I have many years of experience in sewing with beads, [on items] such as baby belts, slippers, barrettes, change purses, [and] handbags, and beading on a loom.
    • It is most commonly found among former math majors, chronic coupon-clippers and old ladies who still use tiny change purses.
    • So dust off your gala gowns, party shoes and change purses to cheer on our hometown team.