Translation of changeless in Spanish:


inalterable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪndʒləs/ /ˈtʃeɪn(d)ʒləs/

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    • The church stands like a rock for truth that is changeless.
    • But the changeless spiritual truth is this: God is absolute goodness.
    • Certain non-Buddhists who accept rebirth accept the transitory nature of mind and body, but they believe in a self that is permanent, changeless and unitary.
    • Because of this static, changeless quality, the Egyptians obtained a sense of security from their environment.
    • Pennington says: ‘We have to realise life is changing but in a place like this there are changeless values.’
    • Yet even clouds cast shadows, and stars keep changeless patterns and turn circles around the earth, but the rainbow was nothing but a brilliant, beautiful, empty glow in a world made fresh by rain.
    • He claimed that evolution was not a gradual process, but occurred in rapid spurts with long periods of changeless plateaus in-between.
    • Hollywood movies are more or less inclined to present the audience with a changeless pattern, disguised under different kinds of garnishings.
    • A while back I was reminded of Dot the Dauntless, who sustained herself through a long old age perfectly happily and adequately by her changeless routine.
    • Old fogies do best in a changeless environment.
    • The hour had a flat changeless quality, as if it had always been there, waiting for him, and would always be here waiting for his return.
    • Life is rich and varied in its everyday detail despite its changeless quality.
    • They are supposed to be changeless and are believed to reflect an underlying constancy of nature.
    • It is incredible to see people, especially Christians, put their faith and trust in the ever-shifting sands of man's evolutionary ideas about history, rather than in the changeless Word of God.
    • Gold has been prized because it is the most inert metal, changeless and incorruptible.
    • Atoms were changeless and ultimate, in the sense that they could not be broken down into anything smaller and had no inner structure on which their properties depended.
    • Looked back upon from revolutionary times, the old regime, good or bad, seemed an age of immobility and changeless routine, when nothing of importance had happened, or could happen.
    • It was unusual for such an energetic young man like him to lead a simple ordinary life looking after his family in a conservative and changeless atmosphere.
    • Western learning could not penetrate this changeless order.
    • Angels are almost always shown as young, for they are changeless, so time does not exist for them.