Translation of changeover in Spanish:


cambio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪndʒˌoʊvər/ /ˈtʃeɪn(d)ʒəʊvə/


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    cambio masculine
    changeover (from sth) (to sth) cambio (de algo) (a algo)
    • The supermarket had adapted all its checkouts to handle both currencies during the changeover period.
    • Prices rose substantially across a range of areas in Ireland during the euro changeover period.
    • There is a changeover period this year until October when both old and new numbers can be used.
    • She spoke of the Euro changeover, the increase in membership, and the success of the credit union in general.
    • He also said there would not be wholesale changeovers - business will change project by project and department-by-department.
    • The change is one of the largest single changeovers in postal codes and delivery methods ever undertaken by Canada Post in Manitoba, Barkman suggested.
    • Now eight months into the changeover, he is pleased with the progress and warned motorists to take heed of the warrants.
    • These farmers will lose money as a direct result of the changeover.
    • This seminar will provide information on the changeover to the Euro and the implications it will have for business.
    • The changeover comes at a crucial time, as the drama surrounding accession negotiations reaches a new pitch.
    • The banks and some of the supermarkets have already been making noises about the cost to them of coping with the changeover.
    • The changeover to the euro has been a resounding success for those countries and their citizens.
    • The same changeover from a basic rate payer to a zero payer turns each £100 into £125.
    • The changeover time can be extremely difficult to manage with customers who want to call up and say, What do I owe you?
    • The government is planning to issue every motorist with a ready reckoner to help them cope with the changeover.
    • The changeover board yesterday said they did not know why some households had not received a converter.
    • Generally most people I have spoken to are embracing the changeover and finding it pretty easy.
    • Before that, however, the euro changeover will push up inflation over the next few months.
    • The changeover would have gone unnoticed by many villagers as the post office was only closed for half-a-day.
    • At the start of the changeover process, a number of unusual donations occurred.
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    (in relay race)
    relevo masculine