Translation of chaplet in Spanish:


corona de flores, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʃæplət/ /ˈtʃaplɪt/


  • 1literary

    (for head)
    corona de flores feminine
    guirnalda de flores feminine
    • In the Middle Ages young women wore wreaths of gold and eventually gave way to chaplets.
    • Improvising hastily, the papal legate Guala is said to have crowned the new king with a chaplet of flowers.
    • Cheered by dynastic thoughts, he forgets his disdain for the wedding-favour, a chaplet of carnations, he is obliged to wear.
    • The women, their heads surmounted by broad, solid-brass chaplets and their breasts covered with heavy metal necklaces, carry sticks in their right hands like drum majorettes.
    • The Magician himself is a Druid-like wisdom figure, complete with beard, staff, long robe, and chaplet of oak leaves.
  • 2

    rosario masculine
    • A special person or event in the Catholic tradition, or a beloved Catholic devotion inspires the choice of materials for each chaplet or set of rosary beads.
    • Usually no special color is prescribed for the beads of the various chaplets.