Translation of chaps in Spanish:


zahones, n.

Pronunciation /tʃæps/ /tʃaps/ /ʃaps/

plural noun

  • 1

    zahones masculine
    chaparreras feminine Mexico
    p(i)erneras feminine Southern Cone
    zamarros masculine Colombia
    • Women riders' leather clothing and apparel ensemble include motorcycle leather jackets, vests, gloves, chaps, pants, boots and more.
    • She pulled on the black shirt, black pants, black vest, black chaps and her black hat.
    • He was wearing a fresh shirt, leather vest, jeans, and chaps.
    • She wore a black low cut tank top black jeans under black chaps with fringe along the edges and black cowboy boots with silver stitching.
    • The man had on a big, white cowboy hat, white chaps, and a shiny white shirt with leather cufflets.
    • Kyle opens the door and strolls into the gallery wearing leather chaps and a tattered sombrero.
    • She was wearing a jacket over a button up shirt with a pair of worn jeans and chaps.
    • And then a very small woman in a leather waistcoat and cowboy chaps and tinted glasses appeared from out of the school stage curtains.
    • He was dressed in a ridiculous fashion, wearing faded jeans with leather riding chaps and a large, garish belt buckle.
    • I guess I expected you to be in jeans and chaps with a horse tied up somewhere!
    • She picked up on the look and landed a fashion hit with her cowboy hat, cowboy boots and chaps over her jeans.
    • And he was wearing a 10-gallon hat, a leather vest, chaps, boots and the whole Hollywood cowboy outfit.
    • My mom had most likely anticipated he would be in a full out Texas cowboy ensemble: complete with studded hat, suede chaps, and a piece of wheat between his teeth.
    • Soon, Ansley had a helmet and chaps, and was given a leg up onto King's back.
    • Our guitarist made it out just in time to see Jonny, in full country boy apparel stroll out, chaps and boots included.
    • I had the whole outfit as a child - guns, hat and chaps, in which I'd terrorise my sister in the name of justice and the American way.
    • It was a hot day, so neither of them wore their pocketed vests or leather chaps which protected their legs from thorns, horse bites and bad weather.
    • They wore chaps criss-crossed with scars from needle sharp cactus, their hats were badly weathered, having survived many suns, winds and rains.
    • There was even one guy wearing leather chaps over his Wranglers, something heretofore exclusive to only gay bars or biker bars.
    • He wore a blue cotton shirt, jeans and leather chaps, boots.