Translation of character in Spanish:


carácter, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛrəktər/ /ˈkarəktə/

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  • 1

    (of person)
    • 1.1(temperament, nature)

      carácter masculine
      the national character el carácter nacional
      • we have very different characters tenemos un carácter muy distinto
      • she's a good judge of character es buena psicóloga

    • 1.2good character

      reputación feminine
      he bears good character tiene buena reputación
      • to vouch for sb's (good) character responder por algn
      • he's been a victim of character assassination han intentado destruir su reputación

    • 1.3(strength of personality)

      carácter masculine
      personalidad feminine
      a person of strong character una persona de carácter fuerte
      • he lacks character no tiene carácter
      • army life builds character la vida militar imprime carácter
      • People are going to be amazed at her strength of character and her intellect.
      • Many apparently well-balanced people have no strength of character.
      • Let's pray my husband has the same courage and strength of character.
      • But only a month later, she was miraculously let out of hospital, a feat which doctors put down to her strength of character and will to recover.
      • And to put yourself under that kind of pressure, you need a certain strength of character, so I have respect for footballers.
      • The man has no strength of character and is so oblivious to his own weakness that he doesn't even register how weak he sounds.
      • The lady has a presence about her - optimism and strength of character - that shines through her eyes.
      • Friends yesterday spoke of his strength of character, which he had shown after a previous incident in which he was robbed by a young woman at his house.
      • As a value, they saw strength of character as far more important than success.
      • I liked the way he maintained my gaze; he certainly has strength of character.
      • Both were teenagers on the other side of the globe from their families, yet both had the strength of character to survive and flourish.
      • The disease has now spread to her lungs, and she is in more pain, but her remarkable strength of character still shines through.
      • Jonathan was a man of great courage and strength of character; he was a fighter.
      • Their courage and strength of character is an inspiration to the rest of us.
      • Her strength of character helped her overcome all her problems and she showed an amazing amount of courage.
      • She said Clive was always very determined and had great strength of character.
      • He showed incredible strength of character under the most extreme circumstances.
      • She was a bright, bubbly individual, full of character.
      • He had high standards, true character and integrity; he would not tolerate a lie.
      • He possessed an excellent character, charming manners and was highly cultured.

  • 2

    (of place, thing)
    carácter masculine
    the restaurant has lots of character el restaurante tiene mucho carácter
    • the house has no character la casa no tiene carácter / estilo
    • the characters of the two cities are very different el carácter de las dos ciudades es muy distinto
    • her face is full of character tiene una cara con mucha personalidad
    • the demonstration soon took on the character of a riot la manifestación no tardó en tomar un cariz violento
    • Residents were notified of the scheme late last week and claim it will completely change the character of the area.
    • Hopefully your personality will fit well with the character and nature of your team.
    • Obviously the court must recognise and pay regard to the character and nature of the business in question.
    • Less problematic is the multidisciplinary character of Peoples of a Spacious Land.
    • Under the legislation, a local authority may include plans to preserve the character of the areas to ensure their preservation.
    • But a spokesman for the authority said officers believed the revised scheme would not compromise the character of any extended area.
    • The developers argue that this, along with more variety in the roofline, will lesson its impact on and respect the character of the surrounding area.
    • However, any development must be sensitive to the character of the surrounding area and not lead to excessive parking or traffic pressures.
    • In future, house builders will have to work much more closely with planners to make sure anything they construct will fit in with the character of the area.
    • Officers, however, are recommending the scheme because it is considered to have a minimal impact on the rural character of the area.
    • The association works to preserve the rural character of the area east of the Sammamish Valley.
    • Some villagers also claim that a temporary classroom in such a prominent location would destroy the character of the area.
    • The sandstone is widely used in buildings and walls in the area, giving it a distinctive character.
    • The area had its own character, and you could smell the atmosphere of old Milano, the Milano of Giuseppe Verdi.
    • But with their multitude of uses they were what gave the area its character.
    • The development will be in keeping with the character of this conservation area.
    • The Borries and Allisons are helping to preserve the unique character and flavour of individual apples from the region.
    • Specific yeasts for the style of beers being brewed are used, thus producing brews with their own individual characters.
    • It seems that identity is the crucial point of nicknames as it gives clubs an individual character which words such as Wanderers, United and City do not.
    • They cared very much about the character of individual varieties.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in novel, play, movie)

      personaje masculine
      carácter masculine Colombia, Mexico
      he doesn't react in character su reacción no es la que cabría esperar de su personaje

    • 3.2(person)

      tipo masculine informal
      he's an odd/a nasty character es un tipo raro/un mal tipo informal
      • He's a fairly aggressive and tenacious character in business terms.
      • Nick is convinced that his story is true, despite earlier doubts and perceptions of Jay as a rather shady character.
      • He walked into the debriefing room and was greeted by General Li, a suspicious and shady character.
      • Galen is a larger-than-life kind of character, due to his immense knowledge and power.
      • I'm sure someone in the office will be more than willing to give me a record on this shady character.
      • Bob was a shady seeming character who hung out around the docks rather a lot.
      • Given his reputation as a carefree character, it is no surprise that he balked at living under the constant scrutiny of Sir Clive's microscope.
      • Pietersen thinks he has matured as a person since those bad times at Notts earned him a reputation as an abrasive character.
      • He's a slippery character whose public statements remind you of a fellow Rhodes scholar from Arkansas.
      • All around him were shadowy characters with unusual names, each appearing unimposing yet extremely confident and strong.
      • A variety of questionable characters order drinks, which you must concoct.

    • 3.3(eccentric person)

      caso masculine
      Jane's a real character Jane es (todo) un caso

  • 4

    carácter masculine
    Chinese/Roman characters caracteres chinos/romanos
    • The abolition of the use of Chinese characters from all public printing and writing helped achieve nationwide literacy at a remarkable speed.
    • For a premium, they will also be placed on top of the list and printed in bold red characters for prominence.
    • The camera closes in on a book printed in Chinese characters held open under a moving scanning beam.
    • But she is still struggling with writing Chinese characters.
    • The latest version of Microsoft's tablet PC software is capable of recognising even ill-formed characters written on the screen using the pen.
    • The characters were written sloppily and some of the words were not written properly, so they had to stare at it for some time because they could not figure what was on it.
    • The players' names on their jerseys are written in English characters.
    • Their language, Vlach, is a member of the Romance family of languages and written in Latin characters.
    • They left behind a large hand-made thank you written in black Chinese characters on a red background.
    • Before, you had to look for those services to find them, because they were written in small characters.
    • He wrote five characters on each fan which made the woman angry because she thought all the fans had been ruined.
    • When she first studied Chinese, she could only memorize how to read and write the characters.
    • I have Kurdish friends and they usually write with Latin characters.
    • She had Chinese characters written all over the large white tunic wrapped around her body.
    • Plus I had resourcefully thought to ask her to write the Japanese characters out for us.
    • You need to have your destination written out in Chinese characters for cab operators.
    • Different kinds of writing brushes can be used to write characters in different styles.
    • In Chinese the symbol for danger also represents the character for opportunity.
    • Chinese does not have an alphabet, but characters representing words, formed from stokes symbolising syllables.
    • But Chinese characters represent the different meanings of these words, rather than the sounds, which are the same.