Traducción de characteristically en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌkɛrəktəˈrɪstɪkli/ /ˌkarəktəˈrɪstɪk(ə)li/


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    his answer was characteristically frank respondió con la franqueza que lo caracteriza / con su acostumbrada franqueza
    • Viewed collectively, the works certainly bristle with his characteristically intense emotion.
    • In his characteristically satirical manner, he questions the moral degeneration of our cities, where vice is the order of the day.
    • His work characteristically involves him interacting, often fruitlessly, with a charcoal drawing he has made on a wall.
    • Characteristically his sculpture is made of junk material or rough, unworked wood.
    • "Cultural cringe" denotes a characteristically colonial deference towards the cultural achievements of others.
    • On one side of the bridge, the setting looks characteristically like a Chinese landscape painting.
    • Euripides characteristically opens his plays with a markedly non-naturalistic prologue.
    • He was characteristically insensitive to Western public opinion.
    • Some members of characteristically large groups may be more needy than productive.
    • She follows the three-year evolution of a class at the ballet school, focusing on three characteristically hard-working, gifted students.
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    de modo característico