Translation of charcoal burner in Spanish:

charcoal burner

carbonero, n.


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    carbonero masculine
    carbonera feminine
    • This piece was inspired by a cautionary fairy tale of 1826 about a humble charcoal burner who trades his human heart for money and a heart of stone.
    • It turns to the countryside, narrating a poignant family conflict centered on Mohammad's widowed father, Hashem, a peasant farmer and charcoal burner.
    • The city fathers must adopt new methods to levy the charcoal burners, motorists, fishmongers, vendors and all those engaged in economic activities.
    • We hiked along a valley whose silence was broken only by sheep bells, through a forest of holm oak, passing stone circles and mounds left by charcoal burners, and climbed through scrub to the windy summit.
    • The church was dedicated to St Anthony of Egypt, patron saint of swineherds and of charcoal burners, a trade carried out on the fell for many years in the past.
    • A car park has been created by the company and a rough path climbs out of it, an old charcoal burners' track.
    • 'It is sad to see how charcoal burners are cutting down trees elsewhere when Zambia has such a lovely environment,’ said Mr Degraff, who was echoed by Ndola resident, Carl Edmonds.
    • By demarcating land, the chief is encouraging charcoal burners to cut trees indiscriminately in the forest reserves.
    • The issue of rampant deforestation is worrying here because each passing day the forest is being destroyed by charcoal burners.
    • Lucius moved quickly in the lead, darting through the sparse woods on a track used occasionally by charcoal burners and herdsmen.
    • Wheat farmers, grape growers, hawkers, wattle growers, charcoal burners, timber cutters and teamsters all needed good roads for their businesses to operate successfully.
    • He told the Guardian that he was responsible for encouraging charcoal burners to destroy forests in the proposed mining site in the 1990s whilst it was negotiating mining rights in the area.
    • Every year, close to 80,000 hectors of land gets cleared through the indiscriminate cutting of trees by charcoal burners and other people who are desperate for survival.
    • Despite the short-comings, fish farming can be said to be a great success and will go a long way in swaying most charcoal burners from indiscriminate cutting of trees.
    • In parts of the New Forest and southern Hampshire, turf was still being used as a roofing material for the temporary huts of charcoal burners as late as the 1920s.
    • He said most of the land had been allocated to charcoal burners who had ended up deforesting the area.
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    cocina de carbón feminine
    estufa de carbón feminine Central America, Colombia, Mexico
    • When Chan Wing-yun and his two school friends headed out to an island retreat off Hong Kong recently, they carefully sealed the windows of their rented room and lit a charcoal burner.
    • A short walk, which was perfumed by wood-smoke, led us to a small clearing where the charcoal burner was situated.
    • This is a huge wedge of cheese melted on a charcoal burner at your table.
    • It is usually barbecued over a charcoal burner.
    • On a latter such occasion I remember, as an impressionable teenager, eating a candle-lit cheese omelette in a magnificent, dark, cold dining room huddled beside an enormous bronze charcoal burner.
    • This section of the lake shore was once dotted with charcoal burners and iron works; the iron ore produced after burning was shipped down the lake.
    • I take my seat on one of the three-legged stools called the berchuma, arranged in a semi-circular fashion around the charcoal burner.
    • This beautiful hanging brass charcoal burner is the kind you may see used in church services.