Traducción de charcuterie en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌʃɑrˈkudəri/ /ʃɑːˈkuːt(ə)ri/


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    • One page of the menu is devoted to cheeses (domestic and imported), another to charcuterie, salads, meat and fish, the third to items from the wood-burning oven.
    • Typical items would be anchovies, sardines, slices of smoked fish, olives, radishes, sliced tomato (or other salad vegetable), various sorts of sausage and other charcuterie, etc.
    • Jeff finishes off cooking the last of the dishes before joining us to share a plate of charcuterie and a whole vacherin cheese, which has been melted in its box to make an instant fondue.
    • Besides over 200 British and European cheeses (trucked in from French and Spanish markets weekly) it stocks 40 different types of olives, oils, vinegars and charcuterie.
    • Along with the inheritance of pork came the European tradition of charcuterie.
    • Next we had a selection of charcuterie from the Auvergne.
    • The first Bofinger was tiny: little more than a bar that served draught beers - it was the first establishment in Paris to do so - and charcuterie.
    • When served with sliced charcuterie, gherkins, olives and bread, this is one thing I would rather eat than almost anything else.
    • The usefully high acidity of Beaujolais makes a good foil to medium-flavoured meaty summer menus and garlicky charcuterie.
    • Despite the odds stacked against us we managed to prepare a very pretty spread of green, red and yellow pepper crudities, mozzarella, tomato and basil salad, charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, crisps and other nibbles.
    • The advantage of the Ferry Building is also that I can get everything I need in one place: meat, charcuterie, cheese, dairy, chocolate, etc.
    • My main reason to make the journey to Berkeley is to visit The Fatted Calf who make their own charcuterie and unique meat products.
    • We tried it on its own, then with a variety of nibbles, and found that a little charcuterie (cold cuts like ham, salami, dry sausage) helped somewhat.
    • There we dined on charcuterie, cheese, fish and humous accompanied by a variety of fresh breads and pink champagne with strawberries.
    • A local speciality is charcuterie - around 50,000 wild boar roam the island foraging for the chestnuts and acorns that give the meat its distinctive flavour.
    • On the first July Monday, 2004 we were sitting at a pavement cafe in Montmartre, Paris where Fred was introducing Sam to the joys of charcuterie.
    • Neighbouring diners were bought a small plate of charcuterie (not featured on the menu).
    • I was certainly grateful for the tip: we loved the salty-nutty taste, and it was a great change from the charcuterie that's most often used here.
    • Tempting delights include a huge selection of cheeses, charcuterie and patisserie, plus freshly baked bread and cakes.
    • It will boast a fabulous selection of freshly-baked French breads and patisseries, traditional charcuterie and delicacies and fine herbs and spices to whet any appetite.