Translation of charge card in Spanish:

charge card

tarjeta de pago, n.


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    tarjeta de pago feminine
    • It seems the department store consumer, armed with a charge card and a credit card, and the supermarket shopper, pushing a trolley of cut-price clothes, Chardonnay and spicy poppadoms, has made the UK the world's leading economy.
    • At our bank, you can get an e-mail message when you reach the credit limit on your charge card.
    • For example, it may be useful to have a credit card or charge card dedicated to expenditure on motor fuel.
    • The website will then credit their charge card for the amount spent on gas up to $30.
    • As a fresh recruit in charge of strategic planning more than two decades ago, he sought to move the company beyond its lucrative niche as an upscale charge card - an idea too radical for the company's old guard.
    • You mean you're penalizing me for not having your charge card?
    • Since it's not a charge card, why do they need your personal information?
    • If doing without your charge card is unthinkable, you may want to take Stephen's advice.
    • Almost weekly, if not more often, church mailboxes contain at least one solicitation for a corporate credit card, or a charge card in the name of the pastor and the church.
    • Coutts, the private bank used by the Queen, last week launched a premium charge card.
    • A dishonest clerk could make an extra imprint from your credit or charge card and use it to make personal charges.
    • But regardless of fees, for many consumers the cost of having a charge card is often significantly lower than the cost of having a credit card due to the interest-related debt that can be racked up with the credit card.
    • So everyone who uses a charge card makes some small contribution.
    • Pulling out a charge card is so convenient; filling out a deposit slip and a check just seems too difficult.
    • According to one implementation, a promotional message is imprinted on the face of a charge card.
    • In the case of unauthorized use of a consumer's credit or charge card, consumers are generally held liable only for the first $50 in charges.
    • If your credit, debit, or bank-issued charge card gets stolen, the most you are liable for is £50 for any transactions made before the issuer is notified.
    • At the start of each school year, our art-education students create an art-shopper's charge card.
    • Taxpayers who use credit, debit or charge cards must pay a ‘convenience fee’ equal to 2.49% of the balance.
    • The German market has the highest number of debit cards in Europe and comparatively few cards with a pay-later facility, such as credit and charge cards.