Translation of chargé d'affaires in Spanish:

chargé d'affaires

encargado de negocios, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɑrˌʒeɪ dɑˈfɛr/ /ˌʃɑːʒeɪ daˈfɛː/

nounplural chargés d'affaires

  • 1

    encargado de negocios masculine
    encargada de negocios feminine
    • Wilson had been the chargé d' affaires in Baghdad in 1990 and an ambassador to two African countries before joining President Clinton's National Security Council as a senior specialist on Africa.
    • Finn Forsberg, the chargé d' affaires at the Swedish Embassy, said the international community cannot take the lead in ending the war.
    • In December the Romanian chargé in Stockholm, George Duca, contacted the British and American ministers in the name of Maniu and Brtianu.
    • In November 1942, while chargé d' affaires in Finland, Duca met informally with some close American friends who worked at the U.S. embassy in Stockholm.