Translation of charged in Spanish:


cargado, adj.

Pronunciation /tʃɑrdʒd/ /tʃɑːdʒd/


  • 1

    positively/negatively charged con carga positiva/negativa
    • a voice charged with emotion una voz cargada de emoción
    • Even though I've read the book three times so far, never once have the words conveyed the sense of excitement and the charged atmosphere that came across on film.
    • No issue is quite as emotionally charged as the issue of child abuse.
    • A terrific British cast, working with an emotionally charged script, keeps viewers glued to the screen.
    • How I long for the spontaneity of those social witticisms or emotionally charged exchanges.
    • Then the charged atmosphere of the club, the familiar bounce and beat of the techno tune, filled him and he leaned forward to finish his drink.