Translation of charismatic in Spanish:


carismático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkɛrəzˈmædɪk/ /karɪzˈmatɪk/


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    • Such leaders are often charismatic figures who compel by sheer force of personality.
    • Cantona was never one to berate or cajole teammates, but on the pitch or training ground he was a huge, charismatic figure who inspired fellow players.
    • These shifts in his personality explain why he is both a compelling and charismatic leader while also getting involved in so many criminal enterprises.
    • A charismatic leader, he inspired his troops, Frenchmen and foreigners, with fierce loyalty and devotion.
    • At home, there is a charismatic new leader to charm and intrigue us.
    • Perhaps the nation does now need a strong, charismatic and inspiring leader to help it make sense of all the uncertainty and seize the opportunity to make a statement of identity.
    • There is no other person in Scottish history who really compares to him as a multi-faceted warrior, leader and charismatic figure.
    • She originally joins the group because of her attraction to its charismatic leader, Andi.
    • Often, such people can be charming, even charismatic.
    • Her paper was inspired by a charismatic speaker she had heard.
    • ‘He had an aura about him, he was charismatic and he inspired you,’ he said.
    • His charismatic charm is more than enough reason to watch the movie.
    • Keith is charming and very charismatic, but not reliable.
    • It's not just Australians who have switched on to the charms of this charismatic comedian.
    • No doubt about it, she is an inspiring, charismatic figure as most people come to appreciate very quickly once they meet her.
    • An inspirational teacher and leader, her charismatic personality has endeared her to generations of children as she encouraged the very best from each and every one of them.
    • It was the charismatic crowd-pleaser who charmed the British public and won two massive election victories for a Labour Party that had almost given up hope of ever seeing power again.
    • That was the excessively charming, charismatic Catherine O'Connor.
    • You are gregarious, friendly, charming and charismatic.
    • He is a very charismatic figure and a very good man, which is why his appeal is so widespread.